Design Mobile-Responsive Email Templates With HEML

If you search the web you’ll undoubtedly find free email templates to use for a newsletter.

But for most websites it’s smarter to build your own. Granted this can take a lot of work to custom-code newsletters and get them fully responsive for all devices.

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HEML is a free open source framework made to simplify the process of building responsive newsletters. You can build custom emails without much effort and craft some amazing designs with very little code.

From the homepage you’ll find a link to the getting started guide.

It’s simple enough that anyone can follow along. It does help if you know a little about frontend HTML but you can also Google questions as you have them.

HEML homepage

HEML’s documentation is pretty clear and it offers a lot of samples for the email design. For example, their overview page covers email structure in detail with all the HEML tags you’ll use in a typical layout.

But my favorite part?

This free editor built as a webapp for custom coding HEML in your browser.

Modern day cloud coding is super popular and it’s why cloud-based IDEs are awesome. But you rarely see them centered around frameworks.

HEML email web editor

This one is 100% free and super easy to use. Plus it starts you out with a demo newsletter that you can edit, refine, restyle, and format to suit whatever you’re building.

Note it takes time to design a great newsletter. Each website has different needs and it’s best to craft something you know will work for your audience.

But once you have an idea for your newsletter I absolutely recommend testing HEML.

It’s compatible with all modern email programs and can work on all devices which saves you a ton of headaches during testing.