Best Alternatives For Google AdSense

If you make money from your website or blog, chances are you’ve heard of or at least used Google’s CTR-based advertising network – Google AdSense.

Google Adsense has two distinctive types of publishers. Those who constantly receive monthly cheques from Google, we call them the happy publishers. The others, the not so happy publishers.

This article is catered for the latter group – publishers who tend to look for an alternative to Google Adsense. Here’s a list of contextual ad networks similar to Google Adsense, meaning they reward you monetarily when visitors click on the contextual ads displayed on your website.

In short – they are the Google AdSense alternatives. We hope you find them useful

Disclaimer: We have not used most of the ad networks here before. This is an attempt to discover and bring to your awareness more options of contextual ads publishing. We urge you to spend time carefully checking out more details (ad performances, ad size/format, payout threshold, payment method, online reviews, etc) of any particular ad network you intend to use on your website.

A popular alternative to AdSense, has exciting offerings for you. You can earn good revenue, thanks to its competitive ads and quality advertisers. It gives publishers of all sizes and niches access to its contextual ads platform. also offers minute control over your ad units and features dynamic optimization techniques. Also, you can keep track of the units, their clicks and impressions, and your revenue from its control panel.

Payout information
  • $100 payout threshold.
  • Net 30 days payout time.
  • Supports PayPal and Wire Transfer for withdrawal.
  • Doesn’t depend on minimum traffic of the website for approval.
  • Faster approval process.
  • Humongous network.
  • Dedicated dashboard that is updated hourly.
  • Only servers ads to premium content with visitors preferred from the USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • Higher payment threshold with limited payment methods support.


Infolinks is the sixth-largest publisher marketplace and an excellent alternative to Google AdSense as it is much easier to sign up for Infolinks than the former if you have a quality blog. Moreover, it is a real-time, intent-driven advertising network providing CPC and CPM ads.

Powered by its contextual technology, Infolinks offers six types of targeted ads including text and popup ads. Also, you can check ad and revenue reports on its dashboard.

Payout info
  • Net 45 days payment cycle.
  • $100 minimum payout threshold.
  • Supports Payoneer and Wire Transfer as payout methods.
  • Offers engagement based ads.
  • Ads don’t take any ad real estate.
  • Can be used side-by-side with any ad network.
  • Views and clicks depend on user engagement so they might not occur at all if a user doesn’t interacts.
  • Can’t be used solely due to limited revenue and ad display opportunities.


As a direct advertisement platform, BuySellAds is difficult to qualify, but it is an excellent alternative to AdSense. The primary qualifying requirements are you must have a high-quality site in the English language which must have 100k page views per month.

BuySellAds supports various ad types such as background takeovers, image plus text, and text ads. Moreover, its ad slots are compatible with that of AdSense, allowing you to use them both as well.

BuySellAds pays you 75% of the revenue earned by your ad space. It disburses payments via PayPal with $20 as the lowest limit or via check with a lower limit of $50. You can also opt for wire transfer with a threshold of $500 but costs $35 fee per transfer.



We all know how adblock software have dramatically decreased ad revenue in the past years. AdRecover focuses on monetizing from those adblock users.

The ads it shows can’t be blocked by popular ad blockers. When an ad blocker is detected, AdRecover will show its ads in place of the blocked ads. It will not show ads to regular users who are not using an ad blocker.



If your website revolves around reviewing products and services, then you should definitely give VigLink a try. It’s actually an affiliate marketing program that automatically replaces names and keywords in your content with links to affiliate products. If users buy from those links, you’ll get the commission. It will even replace regular links already on your website with affiliated ones.


Propeller Ads

A great alternative to Google AdSense that offers multiple ad types to monetize your content. It can offer ads for websites, mobile, apps/extensions, social media traffic, and even 404 pages. You can use to serve banner ads, pop up ads, slider ads, layer ads, video ads, and direct links as well.


Amazon Ads

If your site draws a majority of the traffic from the US, then your website can generate extra revenue with Amazon Ads. It offers three types of ads – Recommendation, Search, and Custom.

The ads by Amazon Ads are stylish and adaptive, so you can place them anywhere on your website and get paid whenever a sale is made. These are easy to install and display relevant product ads on your page, helping you maximize your earnings.

Amazon Ads pays via check if you have an earning balance of $100. Also, you can get paid via direct deposit or a gift certificate with a minimum limit of $10.



If your site gains more than 50k views per month, then Adversal is a CPM ad network worth trying out as an AdSense alternative. What I liked is its responsive ad code, which adapts and works on all devices.

Its quick approval process, easy ad integration, and robust monetization strategy make it a popular choice among various publishers. Adversal also offers a reasonable fill rate, thus increasing your blog’s earning potential.

Adversal issues payments 35 days after the month end via check or PayPal if your earnings are above the threshold balance of $20. You can also opt for bank wire with a threshold limit of $250. Also, it supports ACH on balances above $100 if you are in the US.



If you are a product review blogger or run a text-rich site with commerce-related content, Skimlinks is a nice alternative to AdSense. It works by converting your outbound links into affiliate links, and you make money whenever a sale occurs via these links.

However, you must know there is a 72-hour wait period for getting approval with Skimlinks.

It works on 75/25 revenue sharing model, i.e., it pays 75% of the commissions to you. You can receive payments via direct deposit or PayPal if you have a bank account in the US or the UK. If you are outside the US and the UK, you can receive payments via PayPal only.

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