3 Free Cloud Operating Systems to Try

Cloud Computing means Internet-based computing where your data and the software are present on the Web, and the application is used as a service rather than a standalone software.

You can run a virtual application or operating system within a browser which preserves your user session and your data. It’s like travelling with your own computer but without carrying its hardware.

With a Cloud operating system (also known as a Web OS), you can manage your office work, prepare projects, etc quite similar to how you do on your desktop. The beauty of the idea is that everything is stored on the Internet and hence available everywhere you go!

Want to give Cloud OS a go? Here are a few Cloud OS you can test run for free.

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ZeroPC offers you 1GB of free storage and lets you to connect cloud storage services like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync and 4Shared for access to your paperwork.

ZeroPC is also available on the Android, iPhone and iPad, giving you access while on the go.


For photo lovers, it is also a great "photo management tool", linking photo & video services like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, PhotoBucket, Picasa and Recood.

Plus, it also has native apps for instant messaging, a text editor as well as productivity tools for managing documents and spreadsheets online.


SilveOS is a cloud operating system built on Silverlight. You can run it in any browser with Silverlight installed. It has many built-in apps which let you write, listen to music, make notes, and even play Solitaire. You can also install Silverlight apps from the web in SilveOS.


It, however, doesn’t provide any storage so it’s not the best Cloud OS for long term work. But it’s a handy tool if you often work on computers that is not yours like the office computer or at cyber cafes.


xOS doesn’t provide a lot of customization options but they do provide a good collection of apps for personal use. It offers Web browser, File manager, Text editor, Notes, Calendar, Paint, Email client, and Canvas Rider (a bicycle game) among others.