Where to Find All Previously Created Midjourney Images?

Want to get all the pictures you made with Midjourney before? Here's a simple guide to help you do that.

Midjourney has quickly become one of the best AI art generators available, providing users with a unique and engaging way to create stunning images. For those who have been enjoying experimenting with various prompts to generate a diverse range of images, Midjourney has become a go-to platform.

However, if you haven’t been downloading all the previously created images, an important question arises: can you download all previous images created with Midjourney, and if so, where are they stored?

Fortunately, the answer is yes, you can.

Midjourney allows users to view all previously created images, including the prompts used to generate them. This means that even if you haven’t downloaded each image as it was created, you can still access and download them later.

Where are My Previous Midjourney Images?

To access your previously created Midjourney images on Discord, simply head to the platform and locate the Inbox Icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Discord inbox

By clicking on this icon, you will be presented with a list of all the Midjourney images you have made in the past. To obtain the highest resolution version of any image, simply click on the desired image and proceed to download it.

list of imdjourney images

Upscale and Create Variations of Previous Midjourney Images

But that’s not all. By clicking on the “jump” button associated with a specific prompt, you will be taken back to the 4:4 version of the generated images.

Jump button

From there, you can upscale or create new variations of any of the images if you previously have not.

upscale previous Midjourney images
Frequency Asked Questions:

Can I use Midjourney without Discord?

Midjourney cannot be installed on a personal computer, nor is there a well-designed web application available. The sole method to utilize Midjourney is via Discord, a chat application.

Is Midjourney free?

Initially, you can create 25 images on Midjourney at no cost. However, you’ll likely want to create more than that! With a Basic Membership monthly subscription, you can generate up to 200 images.

Can I use the Midjourney-created images commercially?

Yes, images created using Midjourney can be commercially used by members who have paid for the service.