Store and Share Files Online The Geeky Way with

The prevalence of free file sharing platforms such as Dropbox means you can share files from any computer with anyone in the world. New sharing platforms hit the web every year but is pretty unique.

It’s a free file sharing system that works solely through the command line. It uses the Windows shell or Mac/Linux terminal to connect directly to the server. From there, you can upload files, create share links, and keep them stored for up to 14 days.

Every file transfer is fully encrypted which means your data is always safe. And is a temporary storage platform, so it’ll automatically clear your data after two weeks.

It all works through the curl command which runs in the shell. You can push any type of file or .zip archive up to a limit of 10GB. homepage

And if you’re daring enough you can even create a copy of on your own server. This can work as a temporary file sharing mechanism for internal teams or for large groups transferring sensitive data.

Check out the GitHub repo for all source code and examples of how to use & deploy a server.

Right now, everything runs on Amazon S3 but it can be deployed with npm or Bower and even containerized using Docker.

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This is by far the most techie way to share files. If you’ve never used the command line then you will not be able to use But there are many good reasons to learn the command line, especially with so much web technology relying on npm.

If you wanna get started just follow the instructions on GitHub to set up and deploy a server. And if you have questions or suggestions for new features you can send an email right from the project home page. is a collaboration by the team at DutchCoders. They don’t update very often but if you ever want to reach them directly you can send an email from their site.

But if this shell-based file sharing tool isn’t your cup of tea you can still find tons of alternatives for sharing files on the web.