15 Essential Twitch Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Helpful tips and features that help you make the most of Twitch's game-streaming service.

Twitch has rapidly become a favorite live video streaming platform, not just for gaming but also for a variety of content, from classic TV reruns to artist broadcasts. It’s designed to deliver a great experience for both creators and audiences, packed with features that you might not yet be aware of. This article is for anyone looking to get the most out of Twitch, especially viewers.

Twitch tips and tricks

As a platform, Twitch is all about enhancing your viewing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting, understanding its full potential can significantly enhance how you interact with content.

So, let’s dive into some valuable tips and tricks to maximize your Twitch experience.

Earn Freebies (Drops)

Drops are an innovative way Twitch lets you earn game freebies just by watching your favorite streams. These rewards are typically enabled by game developers, and you’ll need to connect your game account with Twitch to qualify. It’s a win-win: you enjoy your preferred content, and you get the chance to snag some cool extras.

Illustration of checking for Drops on Twitch

Keep an eye out for Drops while you navigate through Twitch. They’re prominently displayed on the browse, game, and channel pages. Spot an icon or link? Click on it to opt-in for Drops. But remember, your game account must be linked first. Twitch makes this easy, guiding you through the process with notifications if needed. Once set up, simply enjoy the stream, and you might just earn yourself some gaming perks.

Demonstration of locating Drops on a Twitch channel page

Enhancing Your Chat Experience on Twitch

Go Invisible in Chats

Need some privacy while streaming? Twitch lets you easily hide your online status. Just click on your profile icon at the top right, select Invisible, and voilà! You’re hidden from everyone, including friends, and your activity won’t be shared either. It’s a handy way to watch quietly without interruptions.

Guide to appearing offline in Twitch chats
Block a User in Chat

Encountering someone bothersome in chat? Blocking them is straightforward. Just click on their username and hit the “Block User” button in their user card. Once done, you won’t see any more messages from that person. It’s a quick fix to ensure a more enjoyable chatting experience.

Steps to block a user in Twitch chat
View Chat Log on Mobile

Twitch’s mobile app is great, but it doesn’t keep your chat history once you leave a channel. If you prefer to keep your chat logs, check out TChat for Twitch. This third-party Android app enhances the chatting experience, allowing you to keep track of conversations and watch live streams across multiple channels.

Using TChat to view Twitch chat logs on mobile
Enable Do Not Disturb

Too many notifications? Switch to “Do Not Disturb” mode to mute new whispers and enjoy your favorite streams in peace. Just hit the Options button (gear icon) in the Whispers box and activate “Do Not Disturb.” It’s a great way to focus on the content without distractions.

Activating do not disturb mode on Twitch
Toggle Chat and Side-Nav

Want a larger view of the stream? Twitch lets you hide the side navigation and chat section to expand the video size. Look for the left and right buttons on the channel header to show or hide these elements. It’s a simple tweak for a more immersive viewing experience.

How to toggle chat and side navigation on Twitch
Pop-Out the Chat Section

Prefer chatting in a separate window? Use the Popout feature. Click the gear icon at the bottom left of the chat section and select Popout. Now you can chat away in a dedicated window, perfect for multitasking or if you’re using multiple monitors to enhance your Twitch experience.

Popping out the chat section on Twitch

Maximizing Video Features on Twitch

Pop-Out the Video Player

Prefer to focus solely on the live game? Twitch’s pop-out player is your friend. This feature lets you open the stream in its own window, free from the surrounding page elements. Simply click the gear icon on the video player and select “Popout Player” to shift the action to a new window where it takes center stage.

Pop-out the Twitch video player for focused viewing
Create and Share a Clip

Caught an unforgettable moment during a live stream? Twitch’s clip feature lets you capture it! Create a clip from a 30-second window around your point of interest, then adjust the duration up to 60 seconds as needed. While watching a stream, hit the Clip button, name and edit your moment, and then publish. Don’t forget to share your highlight reel on social media to spread the excitement!

Creating and sharing a clip on Twitch
Stream on Other Clients

Prefer a different interface for your Twitch streams? Tools like Chatty and StreamLink let you watch via third-party clients like VLC Media Player. Chatty brings chat and streaming features to a Java-based platform, perfect for those who enjoy multitasking or a different layout. Dive into their guide for details on setting up this personalized viewing experience.

Streaming Twitch on other clients with Chatty
Cast a Stream to Your TV

Nothing beats watching live streams on a big screen. If you’re looking to elevate your viewing to your TV, Twitch makes it easy. Just open a stream in a Chromium-based browser, click the Cast button at the bottom right of the player, and select your TV as the destination. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show on a larger display.

Casting a Twitch stream to your TV

Privacy & Security on Twitch

One-Click Login

Tired of typing in your credentials each time? A password manager can automate this, securely storing and entering your details. Or, simplify further by linking your Twitch account to Facebook. Just navigate to the Connections tab in your account settings and connect to Facebook. Once set up, you can log in to Twitch with just one click using the “Connect with Facebook” option.

Simplified Twitch login via Facebook
Block Strangers in Chats

Prefer more control over who can message you? Twitch lets you block whispers from strangers to keep your chats tidy and secure. Just head to the “Security and Privacy” settings and enable “Block Whispers from Strangers” under the Privacy section. This setting helps maintain a more curated and comfortable chat environment.

Blocking unwanted whispers from strangers on Twitch
Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Securing your account is crucial, and two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection. To activate 2FA on Twitch, navigate to “Security & Privacy” in your account settings. From there, set up 2FA by linking your phone number and following the prompts to confirm. This simple step significantly enhances your account’s security.

  1. Navigate to Security & Privacy settings.
  2. Navigating to Security and Privacy settings on Twitch
  3. Click to set up 2FA.
  4. Link your phone and enter the received code.
  5. Setting up Two-Factor Authentication on Twitch
Opt Out of Personalized Ads

While Twitch doesn’t have a built-in feature to opt-out of interest-based ads, you can still set your preferences through external sites like DAA WebChoices and NAI Consumer Opt-Out. Setting your ad preferences here will influence how ads are served to you on Twitch. Keep in mind, though, that ads support Twitch and opting out could impact the platform’s revenue.