Search and Use Your Favorite Emojis With Emoji Finder

Ever wonder how people use emojis without their phone? There’s plenty of sites and free emoji tools on the web to help with that.

But nothing compares to the Emoji Finder, a free resource for searching and using all your favorite emojis in one place.

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Lookup Emojis with Your Keyboard on WhatsApp Web

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Emoji search engine homepage

This search engine curates emojis related to tags and lets you search for your favorites. Then you just click on whichever you want and it’ll auto-copy to the clipboard. Genius.

To get started enter a search term for whatever you’re looking for. This could be “smile” or “laughing”, or something more specific like “bird” or “poop”.

Whatever you search you’ll get auto-populated results right on the page with huge icons. Click whichever one you want and you’ll get a confirmation message.

Poop search for emoji

From here you get the emoji that you can paste anywhere. And yes, this absolutely works with any computer. Laptop, desktop, you name it!

Many text input fields support emojis in some way so there’s not much in the way of limitations.

Heck, you can paste these right into your HTML for a webpage or even search Google for them (looks better on MacOS than Windows but works for everyone!). This tool can save loads of time and even reduce your need for CSS libraries to replicate emojis.

Only trouble is that Emoji Finder doesn’t have a good variety of emojis, mostly just the defaults ones from iOS. I’m hoping they’ll eventually grow to include various styles like Google Hangouts and Gmail.

But take a look at the site and see what you think! And if you’d like to say thanks to the creator you can tweet him @gmh.