Download Hand-Picked Free Themes at Template Stash

Note: Template Stash is no longer available.

How often do you wind up searching for hours to find a decent free WordPress theme? This can apply to all CMS’ from Shopify to Ghost as well.

With Template Stash, you’ll find all the best free themes curated in one location for easy browsing. This site is designed around the highest quality themes based on categories and tags for easy sorting.

template stash homepage

You can try searching for themes, browsing by votes, or browsing by category. At the time of this writing, Template Stash has 13 categories covering basic admin templates, static blog themes, and plenty of CMS engines, including WordPress.

Here’s a list of the most useful categories:

  • Bootstrap themes
  • Material design themes
  • WordPress themes
  • Shopify themes
  • Ghost themes
  • Landing page themes

If you just need a quick template to start building a new site, then I understand the value of a custom theme. It saves you time while also not bogging down your workflow with any extra features.

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Right now, Template Stash is hand-curated by an editor but you can still try submitting themes you’ve built. If you’re a template designer and want yours featured on the site you can suggest a link using the flyout menu.

Template Stash is constantly growing, so there’s seemingly no end in sight to their list of amazing free themes.

To keep up with the latest submissions you can follow Template Stash on their official Twitter account @MyTemplateStash. And if you’re specifically looking for awesome WordPress themes check out their WP collection.

It’s updated frequently with new themes that have more than just that generic template-y look.