30+ Priceless Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

If you’re on a tight budget, but want to give your significant other a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day, nothing says "I <3" you better than DIY arts and crafts that are lovely gifts to receive but deviously simple to create.

We’ve done the legwork and found some 30+ creative DIY projects that will serve as the perfect and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. Some play around with how to frame up your precious photographs, while others need a bit of sewing and embroidery skills, but they all will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

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String Heart

Using nails, a piece of wood, and string, preferably in the shade of love, follow this tutorial to create a heart-warming decoration.

IMAGE: greenweddingshoes.com

Secret Message in a Bottle

Using vintage “bingo” game pieces, create a secret message that only your special someone can decode! Using a stamp, put letters on each numbered piece, put them in the bottle, send them the code and let them play codebreaker for Valentine’s.

IMAGE: Holly & Nat

We Met, We Married, We Lived, We Love

Do you have special “places” that mean a lot in your relationship? Then this little project is for you! Print out maps and label them based on where you met, got married, lived and even where you plan to grow old, then frame it up and hang it up in your home.

IMAGE: Bronwyn McConve

Memory Candles

A perfect way to keep the love alive! Place your picture using transparent contact paper and apply them onto bottles or cylinders which double as candle holders! Works for letters and illustrations as well.

IMAGE: inspiredideasmag.blogspot.com

Paper Necklace

Perfect for retro gamers (or people who grew up in the 80’s) or as a “last minute” gift. This easy but cute gift can be done in no time!

IMAGE: howaboutorange.blogspot.ru

Heart Jars

Use LED lights or flameless candles as well as a few “household” items and mason jars to create this lovely handcrafted makeshift lights.

IMAGE: Ryan Krustofski

Chalkboard Mason Jars

Another alternative to the heart jars, this time using the jars as a chalkboard and filling them with delicious candy.

IMAGE: Sherrie Ragsdale

Giant Fringe Love Letters

Perfect as decorations or for photoshoots, as well as for ceremonial backdrops (hint: proposals), this can be made using only crepe paper and large boxes you can get anywhere.

IMAGE: greenweddingshoes.com

12 Months of Date Nights

Dating doesn’t stop after you are married, or when your job is taking up too much of your time. Relationships need work to last decades and pre-planned Date Nights like the one found in this tutorial are of great help.

IMAGE: Lauren

Conversation Heart Pinatas

Another cute crafting project, this can be hanged up as decorations or used to store a secret message or gift that can only be liberated if you break the heart.

IMAGE: Kelly

8-Bit Heart Pillow

Perfect for the young at heart and gamers alike! Use some leftover felt and start brushing up your sewing skills for this easy-to-make heart plushie.

IMAGE: cutoutandkeep.net

Two Little Lovers Sitting on a Tree

Who doesn’t love this “innocent” childhood sing-a-long song? Immortalize this sweet little chant by turning it into personalized art which you can hang on your wall.


Heart Friendship Bracelet

Not keen on using metallic or plastic jewelery, then perhaps an hand-crafted, embroidered bracelet is the alternative for the environmentally conscious. And it costs you only a couple of embroidery floss.

IMAGE: Erica

Stuffed Robot

Is your special someone a sci-fi geek? Even if he or she isn’t, we’re sure that your special someone will love this adorable stuffed robot.

IMAGE: Angie

Owl Valentines

Want to make something ridiculously cute while spending some creative time with your better half? Make an owl from paper mache. It will be worth the effort and time spent together.

IMAGE: holdermans.blogspot.com

Felt Treat Boxes

These easy to make, and simple to customize felt treat bozes are great for storing small items of jewelery, house keys and other small items. Check out the tutorial for a quick step-by-step guide on how to construct these boxes.

IMAGE: designmom.com

Creative Photo Album

Not your regular run-of-the-mill photo album and one that will actually get you excited over printout photographs. Keep a "box" of your memories (get it?) with this creative photo album.

IMAGE: icreativeideas.com

Valentines Day Photo Blocks

Another creative way to display your photos! This time build a puzzle which can be displayed by arranging the blocks.

IMAGE: Elena

Picture Clock

Turn your favorite photo into a homemade clock! This project requires a little knowledge with editing software but it’s worth it when you breathe new life into your favorite photograph.

IMAGE: Camilla

Book Clock

Have a book lover or a loved one who is into “vintage” looking displays? Then this is perfect as it only needs an old hardcover book and clock hands to be an awesome gift!

IMAGE: Claire Gallam

No Sew Heart Pillow

No sewing skills? No problem. This heart pillow made from felt (and no sewing needed) is right up your alley.

IMAGE: krokotak.com

Wire Wrapped Bangle

This requires some basic wire wrapping and shaping but the best thing here is that most of the materials can be found easily. And it looks grea too.

IMAGE: Adrianne

Box Disguised as Letters

This box disguised as letters is a clever way to store away your secrets or small items. Just create a stack of letters made with invitation envelopes and some cardboard.

IMAGE: Diane miller

Heart Paper Origami Box

The next time you try and write a traditional love note, try this simple yet charming origami heart box idea. It’s also easy to slip into a bag or purse. Talk about passing notes.

IMAGE: Leyla Torres

Valentine Heart Pillow

This lovable pillow is made of burlap and requires a bit of sewing to pull together. Nothing like providing your loved one some comfort to a sore back.

IMAGE: Thistle Wood

Valentine Lightbulb

A unique and symbolic DIY project. This project might look intimidating at first but is quite easy to follow and would result in an elegant gift that can be used as a display.

IMAGE: Grace Bonney

Cute Little Teddy Bear

You will never guess what this teddy is made of; it is made from an old sock! This is easy to sew and takes little to no effort to make.

IMAGE: indulgy.com

Pullout Photo Album

The perfect way to display your photo booth pictures. The accordian-like pull uot and wooden box is a nice touch.

IMAGE: countryliving.com

Miniature Photo Pendants

Combining our love of little charms and photographs, this project is perfect either as a “couple’s gift” or just to display your photographs. It’s easy to do and cost effective as well; you just need popsicle sticks as the base.

IMAGE: Ashley Hackshaw

Hoop Photo

Probably one of the most unique display pieces on this list. This is made from some wood embroidery hoops and clothing pins. The best part is that it’s easy to swap the pictures out.

IMAGE: Natalie Wright

Goodybags for Valentines

The perfect “goody bag” for small items such as lipstick or make up. These are made of drop cloth canvas and cotton gingham which is washable.

IMAGE: Jaime Costiglio

La La Love You Pillow

Inspired by the song from the Pixies, this is another sewing project that is easy and requires the use of a fabric glue gun.

IMAGE: Laura
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