20 (More) Wonderful Things You Can Do With Raspberry Pi

If you can handle a little bit of programming and want to make a geeky, techy gift, then this list of DIY Rasberry Pi Projects may be the thing you are looking for. You don’t have to be a real programmer to build these, anyone with a bit of understanding about computers and the ability to follow instructions, can build most of these geeky gifts.

Ready to wow someone with a geeky gift of your own creations? Check out the tutorials below to find the instructions you need to get started.

Digital Photo Frame

If you’ve always wanted a digital photo frame, a photo frame that has its pictures change like in a slideshow, then here’s your chance to make your own.

Digital Media Player

Want a media player that streams photos and videos? Try this gadget which can display weather details, play music, movies and other content via Airplay.

WeggUp – Alarm Clock

WeggUp wakes you up with a gentle, natural light. You can also add an e-book reader or music player, which automatically shuts off when movements are no longer detected.


DiddyBorg is a six-wheeled, battery-powered RC car, which can be moved around with a PS3 controller or a keyboard using WiFi.

Wooden Pifi Sound System

Put dual speakers, a wooden cabinet, and a Rasp-Pi together and this sound system can let you play music over WiFi or from a thumb drive.

U-WAVE – Internet Radio

An Internet radio with 6 radio stations, this radio can be toggled with a smartphone, from anywhere in the house.

Pi Video Player

This video player is a touch screen device but why use the screen when you can tap on arcade buttons instead?

Remote Controlled Truck

If you have a broken monster truck lying around, fix it up by fitting it with a Rasp-Pi, then control it with your smartphone or keyboard, via WiFi.

Arcade Game Station

Don’t settle for arcade buttons, build an arcade game station with this tutorial. A little programming is required but the final result will be totally worth it.

Drone Pi Quadcopter

A remote-controlled copter sounds expensive, so why not build a quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi? Add a Pi camera and start taking aerial images and videos too.

Portable Versatile Player

Transform an old DVD player into a portable media player with a Raspberry Pi, a hard disk, a Wi-Fi adapter, and a USB hub.

RFID Music Player

A robot-styled music player that is tagged with RFID recognition which allows anyone to hold a tag near the robot to play a special song.

3D Printed Digital Camera

It’s not a DSLR or a branded digital camera but its parts are 3D printed which helps reduce the costs of this cool digital camera.

Pi Mobile Media Center

A powerful replacement for a DVD player and a music system, this gadget only needs your smartphone to play music and videos anytime anywhere.

Touchscreen Media Player

This media player powered by Raspberry Pi and Max2Play offers a powerful sound experience on a mere 7-inch touchscreen.

Pi RC Car

This is an remote-controlled car that can be controlled by your smartphone, Just tilt to control the motion of your toy car.

Internet-Controlled Radio

This radio checks a Google spreadsheet to load its playback schedule and functions as an alarm clock as well.

Legend of Zelda Arcade Machine

A beautiful arcade station powered by Raspberry Pi 2 and RetroPie using an Emulation Station frontend it provides a quality sound and gaming gexperience to gamers.

Pi Emulation Machine

Emulation Machine is a multi-player portable machine that supports different emulators like Gameboy, PlayStation One, Sega Genesis, and even Apple II.

DIY Avatar – Telepresence Robot

Let this robot be the voice or middleman for you to talk to friends and family who are far from you. Distance is no barrier to communication.

Which project idea you liked most? Are you planning to create any of these geeky gifts? Share with us via comments.