Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (March 2014)

We have been covering this series for almost two years. But it seems that the resources for developers and designers are infinite; every month, there will always be a new list, and we’re going to keep this coming as long as developers keep making awesome resources to share with web users.

This round, we’ve put together several tools that are not only useful but also great time savers, such as a tool that helps you in synchronized browser testing, one to grab screenshots off multiple screen sizes, and a color scheme collection of top brands in CSS, SCSS, and LESS format. Let’s check them out.


Sachen is a collection of Sass and Compass extensions. You can find responsive frameworks, font icons, common design patterns, as well as Mixin libraries. If you build websites with Sass and Compass, save Sanchen in Bookmark for your reference later.

Launch Rocket

LaunchRocket is an OS X Preference Pane to manage services that has been installed through Homebrew. Homebrew is an OS X utility that allows you to install tools, packages, or services like PHP, Nginx, and MySQL in OS X. With LaunchRocket, you can turn them on or off through OS X System Preference instead of using Terminal.


Building a responsive website means that you have to test the website on multiple browsers; both on desktop and mobile browsers. BrowserSync is a tool that allows you to sync website testing on multiple browsers. So changes, as well as actions that occur (scroll, click, and refresh), will automatically be reflected in all browsers.

Free Programming Book

One the best things from Design and Development industry is that there are loads of free books for learning the skills. Here, you can find an enormous collection of free programming books in various languages, including C, C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Go ahead, and grab them.

JS The Right Way

JS The Right Way collects resources for JavaScript best practices from the experts in the field. If you are currently learning JavaScript, this is the source to learn how to write JavaScript in the right way.


Pageres is a Terminal command line that allows you to grab web screenshots in multiple sizes at once. It is a perfect fit for testing responsive websites. Or, if you are like me, who frequently covers web tools, Pageres could be a very handy tool to accommodate your job.


WPGear is a collections of tools and resources for WordPress plugin and theme developers. You can find a number of debugging tools, plugins, frameworks, and boilerplates for starting off your WordPress-base projects.

The Pattern Library

Are you a designer looking for patterns? Visit the Pattern Library. You can find a collection of beautiful and striking patterns that are designed by several designers.


BrandColors is a collection of color schemes used by top brands in the tech industry like Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, eBay, Stripe, SaleForce, RedHat, and many more. You can download the colors in CSS, SCSS, and LESS format.

Bootstrap UI Kit

This UI Kit transforms the Bootstrap UI into vector graphic format to allow infinite scalability. It’s a perfect resource for developers who build design prototype with Bootstrap.