Explore the Largest Online Map Collection: David Rumsey Maps

Google Maps and GPS have made it easier than ever for us to travel the world in search of new adventures. But before all this technology came to be, explorers brave new frontiers using detailed maps that are as alluring as they are inaccurate.

And no other place on the Internet will give you access to maps that will make historians, geographers and cartographers more excited than the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Containing more than 150,000 digitized maps and images from the 16th century all the way to modern times, this collection was first started in 1980 with a collection of North and South American historical maps.

Besides the standard atlases and maps, the Map Collection also hosts pictorial maps, geology maps, maritime charts and a huge number of celestial maps.

himmels karte

In order to streamline the map browsing experience, the David Rumsey Map Collections can be browsed using the in-built LUNA Browser. This browser functions as an archive tool, allowing you to sort maps through type, location, time period, or even the person responsible for creating the map.

luna browser