Showcase of Creative Magazine Covers

There are literally thousands of magazines published every month, only the high quality and good ones make it mainstream. The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “First impression is the best impression” apply greatly to magazines. It is the covers of these magazines that creates the impulse, that uncontrollable urge to grab hold of the magazine and flip it open.

The following is a list of some 35+ magazine covers that will truly instill the urge in a person to pick up a copy. These covers are not only creative, but also inspiring. But I won’t spoil it for you, you be the judge.

Computer Arts

Computer Arts is one of the world’s best-selling magazine for digital artists, designers, illustrators, etc. With in-depth tutorials, and interviews, the magazine remains a favorite among designers.

TNHB Magazine

TNHB Magazine is an illustrated magazine by Grzegorz Domaradzki and StudioKxx. Since the magazine does not have an official website, not much is known about it.

FEFE Magazine

FEFE is an arts magazine, and project by Luigi Vernieri. The magazine covers various topics on art. The magazine is a platform for generating a cultural system centered on the “visual culture”.


Digital Age


JOiA Magazine

JOiA Magazine is a visual and design related arts magazine. The magazine is full of the finest selection of visual art content. While JOiA only publishes 5 issues per year, their high standards have put them on a high position in the literature of Arts and Design – no less than the national level.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Advanced Photoshop Magazine is an Adobe Photoshop oriented magazine, that has everything related to Photoshop. From tutorials, to inspirational artwork showcases, to even artists interviews. Advanced Photoshop Magazine is one of the best Photoshop magazine out there at this moment.

Lettering & Type

Lettering & Type is a powerful and essential how-to book full of relevant theories, history, diagrams and excersies regarding typeface designs and typography.


PAGE Magazine is created by creative professional people in design, advertising, and media supplies. Not only do they show portfolios of some great artists, they also talk about different fields of art, such as architecture, 3D, and many more.

WebDesign HS7 Magazine

WebDesign HS7 is a magazine by Mathieu Schatzler, who is a graphic designer & art director from Lille, France. Mathieu has worked on branding & rebranding concepts, along with some high-quality illustrations. This magazine is all about that.


WOW Magazine (now WOWMAGZ) is a free electronic/digital graphic design magazine that supports designers and creative communities around the world by shining a spotlight on them. Showcasing the greatest Artwork in Digital Art, Photography, Illustration, 3D arts, Motion Graphic and more.

GOOD Magazine

GOOD Magazine is a collaboration between individual parties, such as businesses, moms, kids, organizations, etc that work together to find what is good, prosperous and creative.

Pixel Arts

Pixel Arts is a magazine that is all about creativity in best animation works, cartoons, motion graphics and tv design. It is a company located in Romania.

Red Bulletin

The Red Bulletin is a Formula One magazine by Red Bull. The magazine covers the world of Formula One, especially the Red Bull world, events and happenings related to them.

The Walrus Magazine

The Walrus magazine was launched with a simple aim: to be a national general interest magazine about Canada and its place in the world. Ever since, The Walrus Magazine has started becoming ‘a little’ popular day by day.

Gazele Biznesu

Gazele Biznesu is a business-oriented magazine that gives out an annual ranking for developing small and medium businesses. The project is run jointly by nine newspapers belonging to Bonnier Publishing Group, based in Poland.

Proyecto Diseno

Due to the language barrier, I am unable to tell you much about this magazine except that looks good.

IDEA Magazine

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