15 Weird And Wacky Coat Hook Designs

Apart from the major overall theme of your house design, small accessories like coat hooks, can add a special atmosphere and feel to your walls and your home. When guests come a-knocking, they’d need a place to hang up their coats, hats, scarves, jackets etc. And that’s when unusual coat hook deisgns can really get conversations going.

This round-up of 15 unusual designs feature some really strange coat hooks – from shurikens to glass bottles, rocks to hardened paintbrushes. Know of more weird and wacky coat hook designs? Share them with us in the comments.

Spinning Hat Ninja Coat Hooks. Ninjas came and left their shurikens on the walls. Instant coat hooks!

Paint Brush Coat Hooks by Dominic Wilcox. The designer of these hooks came up with this idea when he forgot to wash his paint brushes and later found them hard and unusable the next day.

Offside Coat Hook. Foosball fans rejoice! Let your "teammates" hold your items for you.

Clip Hooks PINCE ALORS by swabdesign. It’s a hook AND a clip, probably made for giants but they work well for us too.

Coat Hanger Line Up by Kristina Podrug. Ah, this one is for fans of minimalistic design, perfect for both the home and office. You can customize the dimensions and colors.

The Tree Coat Stand by Robert Bronwasser. This nature-inspired design puts branches (and hooks) on your wall. Feels like spring in here, doesn’t it?

Hanging by Lucirmás. Now here’s something you don’t see every day. The bottle hooks will be a great choice to spice up walls of a restaurant or a bar. You can leave love letters and messages too!

DIY Project: Kitchen Utensil Key Rack. You can make your own, just follow the link to a DIY tutorial on how to create smashing kitchen hooks using old forks and spoons.

Alone Wall Light Hooks by Pallucco. These illuminated wall hooks in the form of buttons can be a fantastic decoration for any futuristic house design. Moreover, they help you find your things in the dark.

Stone Towel Hook. Love collecting pebbles and rocks? Use them as bathroom hooks.

Savannah Metal Hooks. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. These hooks are available in blue, white, pink, green, and lavender.

Dropit Hooks. These drop-shaped hooks can add a touch of color to any wall. You can combine them and create your own unique patterns. They are available in various colors.

99 Bottles Coat Hook. “99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…"

Tabard Hooks. Add some mystery to your wall with these covered hooks. They turn 120 degrees and can protect your attire from dust. They also give the illusion that someone’s hiding behind the covers.

Anchor Hook. Anchor’s ahoy. and a couple of whale tales, I mean tails, too.

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