Transform Song Links into Universal Playable Links with Songwhip

With multiple music streaming services available these days, it can be a bit of chore to link a particular song to your friends who may be on other music streaming services. However, service barriers may no longer be as big a nuisance as it appears that a service called Songwhip is looking to simplify the music sharing experience.

Available as a web service, Songwhip is a music linking tool that works with major music streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube.

Songwhip works in a way that the user inputs the link of a particular song, artist or album into it, and the service would go through the libraries of the aforementioned music streaming sites to find the relevant links.

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Once the search is complete, Songwhip would publish a list of music streaming sites that host the content in question. Upon clicking on one of the options, the user would then be sent directly to the corresponding page on the selected streaming site.

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Useful though Songwhip may be, do keep in mind that the service is still in its beta stages. As such, you’ll may stumble up the occasional glitch and error while using the service. On top of that, the service itself does have its limitations when it comes to looking up music, particularly if you’re sharing a YouTube link of a song that has been uploaded by a third party.

Drawbacks aside, Songwhip is still a pretty handy service to have, particularly if you’re the type to recommend new songs to your friends. Seeing as the service itself is still in beta, Songwhip is a service that is worth keeping an eye out for.