Design Beautiful “Coming Soon” Page: 37 Templates & Tutorials

It’s a known fact that "coming soon" page is not any more about men-at-work icon or under-construction sign. It acts as the first and the most important impression to your site visitor and if it’s done well. It can attract your site visitor to bookmark you page, subscribe your newsletter, or even join in your social network empire.

We understand the importance of a "coming soon" page and desired for it but we just don’t have budget for that – both time and money. So if you’re too busy developing the site until you only have time to create a rectangular shape in Photoshop, this post is probably for you.

Yes, by knowing the importance of an attractive coming soon page, we have gathered 37 gorgeous under construction and coming soon templates and even step by step tutorials in this post for you. We sincerely hope you can get your page up without investing too much time and energy on it, so let’s see what we have in store for you!


Beback is a clean under construction WordPress theme with useful features like date launcher, countdown timer, progress bar and logo uploader. You can also get Blogger template version developed by Best Theme.

Changing Room

Changing Room is the first free WordPress theme launched by Wordprezzie, which aims to display a simple yet friendly holding page to tell your visitor that you’re working your best on decorating the site. Features include color switcher, Feedburner RSS and email support.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon WordPress theme allows you to showcase your upcoming product with featured image and description on the right. You can also utilize this theme to become a list builder by enabling Feedburner subscription form in design settings.

Custom Coming Soon Pages

As a WordPress plugin, Custom Coming Soon Pages provides you a flexible change between your site and coming soon page. It contains unique features like controlled access, social network integration, and you can specify any color or image of your choice for the background.

Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern is a WordPress theme that does not only signifies the importance of beauty and elegance, but also provides UpThemes Framework that allows you to manage theme options, background images, colors and page advertisement in a comfortable manner.

Ice Breaker

Available for free, Ice Breaker is a highly configurable WordPress domain parking theme with theme option page and custom widgets, and couples of color choice.


Designed by Press75, Launch is a simplistic solution for anyone working on a new website. The unique point of the theme is it provides seamless MailChimp integration that allows you to add an email subscription form by just entering your MailChimp account detail in theme option page.


Just like most coming soon page, LaunchPad is purposefully built to display your still-under-construction site with a simple yet clear coming soon page. As it’s a WordPress theme, it does offers features like theme option page and Feedburner integration.


Designed by WordPress theme giant WooThemes, Placeholder pleases site visitor with its 5 different professional design and easily customizable typography. The theme also includes styling options for you to tweak background color and image, looks exactly a promising deal.


With Ready2Launch, you can change the look and the style of your Coming Soon page from 10 available style templates. The theme is also WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu ready.

Site Under Construction

Whenever you have a site to launch or you are redesigning your existing site, you can use this modern XHTML/CSS template to keep your visitors informed about site status and may be progress. Site Under Construction is also available as WordPress theme and Blogger template.


Built by UpThemes, Timelaph is a sleek and spaced-out landing page featuring UpThemes Framework, Feedburner integration and easily customizable background.

WP Blueprint

Just as its name, WP Blueprint changes your site into a coming soon page with classy blueprint feel and standard features like countdown timer, Feedburner and Twitter integration.

WP Launcher

WP Launcher is yet another free high quality WordPress theme built with a single yet important purpose, which is to provide a creative, attractive and easily customizable domain parking theme for WordPress users.

Flash Template


Sapling is an absolutely unique Flash template designed by Warm Forest, which is originally used to show off how easy to use their products. As everything can be customized through an external XML file, you don’t even need to own Flash to use this template!

Photoshop Template

Clean Under Construction

If you’re seeking a standard under construction mockup for conversion into working template, this Photoshop template is probably what you’re looking for.


Simply the most gorgeous coming soon page design. It has also a blue alternative version embedded with same epicness.

Coming Soon Page

A beautiful coming soon page mockup provided by GraphicsFuel for webmaster who prefers web 2.0 feel.

Creative Under Construction

A straightforward under construction Photoshop template with layered design for easier customization.

Critical Mass

A nicely designed coming soon template with modern and elegant touch.


From Elemis, Fleepy is profesionally designed PSD template with 4 alternative color options available.

Fresh Under Construction

A clean, organized yet brighter under construction template published by Design3Edge.


If you are looking for an extra clean and professional design, MeegoApp is probably the design for you.

Modern Under Construction

Yet another Photoshop template by Design3Edge with more elegance applied.

MofM Coming Soon

Before launching their site, MofM designed this simple yet clear coming soon page to keep their visitor informed about their progress, and now this Photoshop template is available to you for free.

Premium Under Construction

Creative under construction design with black, red and blue alternative version available.


Create A Professional Coming Soon Landing Page

Written by ThemeForest’s top seller, this tutorial shows you how to create a coming soon page inspired from the best selling theme Awake. You can also download the tutorial’s result as Photoshop template.

Create An Effective Coming Soon Page

‘In this article I will talk you through how to construct a very usable, applicable coming soon web page. I will also be discussing why I’m doing certain things, and what we’re trying to achieve with each step.’

Creating A Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery

Just as its title, this tutorial guides you to create stylish coming soon page with functional subscription form by using provided images, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

Design A Bright And Fun Coming Soon Page

Learn to design a fun, vibrant and feature rich coming soon page with this comprehensive tutorial!

Design A Textured ‘Coming Soon’ Web Page In Photoshop

Authored by Design Instruct, this tutorial will guide you to create an elegant coming soon page with beautiful background texture and a slick web form that you can easily modify it into contact form or newsletter sign up form.

Design And Code A Sweet Custom Coming Soon Page

While this tutorial teaches you both design and coding of a minimal coming soon page, it also shares some useful tips through the process of creation, highly recommended.

Freelance Coming Soon Photoshop Tutorial

Very helpful guide as it does not walk through the tutorial thoroughly, but also shares important tips to create a coming soon page for a freelance site. You can also view its 2nd tutorial which focuses on converting the finished Photoshop template into XHTML/CSS template.

How To Create An Effective Coming Soon Page

‘Coming soon pages may be very simple in terms of content, but are a perfect example of how you should pay attention to the details. By using good lighting, effective drop shadows and other subtle details you can really make a simple page very eye-catching. Take note of this whilst reading the tutorial.’

How to Design A Coming Soon Page In Photoshop

A design tutorial that focuses more on carving graphical details like element’s shadow and lighting.

How To Design An Under Construction Page

With this tutorial, you can learn to create an expert under construction page from scratch with very simple techniques.

Sleek Coming Soon Page Design

Let’s get started to create an extremely sleek coming soon page design with great detail in mind, a must-read post for even Photoshop learner!

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