Test Your Command Line Knowledge with the CMD Challenge

We’ve discussed the importance of learning the command line and it’s more important now than ever before. But, it’s also a difficult subject to breach, with a steep learning curve. If you aren’t sure where to start or how much you need to learn try the Command Line Challenge.

This free website gives specific tasks you need to solve using only the command line. It starts with easy challenges and often gives you hints, but progressively increases in difficulty.

CMD CLI challenge homepage

I’d mostly recommend this tool to experienced coders who want to push their knowledge of the CLI further. Although it is a great way to compare your skillset against what other developers think you should know.

The entire project was created as a testing ground for developers and has since grown into a popular resource for learning & playing with the Unix command line shell.

All the source code was released for free on GitLab and GitHub, so you can even download this and host a copy yourself. You can learn more about the project’s creation & hosting setup on the About page which details the AWS configuration required to keep it running.

Also, if you look towards the bottom of the homepage you’ll find some specific challenges you can try. Some were created by users who requested the challenges, so there’s a wide range of difficulty.

List of CMD challenges

In fact, anyone with a great idea can suggest a challenge to be added to the app. Pretty cool!

If you consider yourself a command line expert this is definitely a challenge you should take. It’s surprisingly informative and if you really push yourself with these challenges you can learn a lot.

If you have any questions or want to share your thanks just drop a quick tweet to the official Twitter account @thecmdchallenge.