How to Clear iPhone’s Memory Without Powering it Off

Those who use their devices for an extended period of time will probably notice that it tends to slow down after a while. Such a case applies to the iPhone as well.

One of the easiest ways to make your device run smoothly again is with a simple memory clear, but if you’re not interested in restarting your device in order to do so, here’s a simple trick that lets you do so without turning off the phone.

Force Start / Reboot Any iPhone

Force Start / Reboot Any iPhone

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  1. Press and hold the iPhone’s power button until the Slide to Power Off bar appears.
  2. hold button
  3. Hold the Home button down until the iPhone returns to the home screen.
  4. hold home button

If done correctly, the iPhone’s memory will be completely cleared and your device can now operate as per normal.

The easiest way to tell if the memory clear worked is by double tapping the Home button and booting an app that was previously opened before the memory clear.Should the app loads upon booting, it is a sign that the memory has been cleared.