Enhance Your Coding Experience with Dark Themes for VS Code & Atom

Free pack of dark UI assets for Visual Studio Code and Atom that gives them a visual-friendly dark theme.

All of the best IDEs let you customize the interface. I usually find that dark themes work best for coding since they’re easier on the eyes.

Some programs like Sublime Text come packaged with dozens of free themes. But not all programs are like that which is why City Lights is such a cool project.

This is a free pack of dark UI assets you can add into Atom or the Visual Studio Code software.

dark citylights ui

And with City Lights, you get more than just dark syntax highlighting. There’s actually an entire library of free assets you can use to customize your IDE. These can include custom icons and even full GUI themes for the entire interface.

Atom offers a lot more control over the UI so there’s more to do with that program. In fact, City Lights offers a pack of 60 unique icons you can add to Atom for a more visual workflow.

With Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code you’ll only get the City Lights syntax highlighter. But it’s one of the better themes I’ve seen for coding and it’s perfect for web developers of all backgrounds.

Have a look at the VSC repo for more info. You can also pull this directly from the terminal if you’d like to download a copy straight to your computer.

Each of the Atom freebies come with their own GitHub repos:

city lights syntax colors

If you’re a power user on either of these IDEs then you’ll love City Lights.

The whole pack is free forever and might even support other IDEs in the near future.

Plus all these assets are maintained by the creative agency Yummygum so it’s certainly in good hands. If you have suggestions or questions about City Lights you can also tweet the team @yummygum.