7 WordPress Plugins to Prepare Your Site For Christmas

We’re in the last month of the year, near a time when bells, snowflakes, and Santa take center stage. To welcome the Christmas spirit into your online business, blog, or website, I have here a list of seven WordPress plugins to help lift spirits and prepare your site for the Christmas atmosphere.

Some of these plugins let you display a countdown widget, others add Christmas-decor to your site, some snowfall effect, a Santa that runs around spreading cheer and you can even schedule holiday messages for your readers.

Make your website look festive, let it snow, let it sparkle, and let everyone have fun browsing through it with these friendly plugins.

Christmas Countdown Widget by Monimca Haught

With this widget, an adorable Santa is going to show on your sidebar, counting down to Christmas day and displaying a Merry Christmas greeting to your visitors. The background is transparent so it fits any theme perfectly. It also updates automatically each year so you can leave it there all year long if you want to.

Christmas Countdown Widget
Christmas Santa Snow Falling by WP Life

Give your website the season’s feels with this Snow Falling plugin. The plugin applies the effect of objects falling from the sky like snowflakes, candy, stars, Halloween bats, autumn leaves, and new year balloons, etc.

Click here for demo.

Christmas Santa Snow Falling
Christmas Music by BDA

If you want your website to play jolly Christmas music every time a user opens it, make use of this plugin. You can activate it for the entire site or for a single page and it’ll play soft “jingle bells” music for your visitors.

Christmas Music
Christmas Greetings by TechnoCrackers

This plugin offers multiple Christmas greeting/ celebration effects on your website. You can showcase holiday messages, snow falling, floating Santa, gift box animation and a lot more to your visitors.

Christmas Greetings
Christmasify! by Cyber Fox

Christmasify! adds snow, Santa, Christmas decorations, music, and a lovely Christmas font to your website to give your users the real feel of the season.

Christmas Panda by Pixolette

This is a Christmas decorations plugin that allows you to cheer up your website with Christmas tree, Santa, snowfall, and cute pop-ups.

Christmas Panda
WP Snow Effect by WPManiax

Give your website a beautiful winter feel with a realistic snowfall effect with this plugin. You can customize the speed of the falling snow, flake size and color, and different flake types to choose from.

Click here for demo.

WP Snow Effect