6 Top Mobile AI Chatbots Similar to ChatGPT

As we edge closer to a future where our reliance on chatbots like ChatGPT for mobile assistance becomes the norm, it’s fascinating to see how these AI companions are gearing up to revolutionize our daily digital interactions. Gone are the days when Google was our only go-to for solving math problems or hunting down quick answers online.

AI Chatbots for mobile

Today, the convenience of having a chatbot nestled in our smartphones means personalized help is just a conversation away. From crunching numbers to fetching instant information, these AI-powered assistants are set to take over a significant chunk of our workload.

In this post, we’re diving into the world of 6 top mobile chatbots that mirror the capabilities of ChatGPT, showcasing how they’re not just keeping pace but also enhancing our mobile experiences with their innovative features. Join us as we explore these digital geniuses ready to become our next go-to over traditional search engines, making every interaction smarter and more efficient.

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing mobile app

Microsoft Bing has gotten a big update with GPT-4, making searching, writing, and creating images easier and smarter. This free mobile app combines GPT-4’s smart features with up-to-date information, giving you quick, sourced answers to your questions without having to click through a bunch of websites. Bing can help you write almost anything – from emails to stories, and even poems or rap lyrics. Plus, it has a cool feature that lets you create images just by describing what you want.

It’s not just about searching; Bing can translate languages and make your content better with its smart tools. The latest update makes Bing faster and more accurate, thanks to new tech from Microsoft and OpenAI. Even though it’s a powerful tool, Bing is still learning. Some users have mentioned that it can mistakenly block content or have other small issues. But, with user feedback, Bing keeps getting better, offering a unique way to browse, search, and chat on the web.

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Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot mobile app

Microsoft Copilot is an AI chat assistant that helps you do more in less time. It uses the latest AI technology, GPT-4, to provide quick and accurate answers to your questions. With Copilot, you can easily create images from text descriptions, draft emails, summarize texts, plan trips, update resumes, and write stories or scripts. It’s also handy for translating content into different languages and proofreading your work.

This tool includes DALL·E 3, which lets you turn text into detailed visuals, useful for designing logos or creating custom backgrounds. If you upgrade to Copilot Pro, you’ll get faster service, special features, and the ability to integrate with some Microsoft 365 apps. Plus, you’ll get enhanced capabilities for making AI-generated images, with up to 100 uses per day.

Copilot aims to make your work and creative projects easier by leveraging powerful AI tools. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

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Genie app

Genie is an AI chatbot and keyboard app that uses ChatGPT and GPT-4 technology. It’s designed to help with various tasks and engage in conversation. The app is user-friendly, catering to both those familiar with technology and everyday users. Genie can manage schedules, give advice, and chat about many topics, learning from each interaction to improve its responses.

The app prioritizes user safety and privacy, advising against sharing personal info and limiting conversations on sensitive subjects. It’s updated regularly to fix bugs and enhance performance. While Genie offers support and educational content, it’s not a replacement for professional advice or therapy.

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Nova app

Nova is a chatbot app that uses ChatGPT & GPT-4 along with PaLM 2 technology to talk with users in a natural way. It’s designed for a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, and it understands over 140 languages. Nova can remember conversations, which makes chatting with it feel more personal and meaningful. It helps with writing tasks like social media posts, essays, and even creative projects such as songs.

The app also includes a feature to check your text for errors, making sure it’s polished. While it relies on OpenAI’s technology, Nova operates independently, focusing on providing information and support rather than making official statements. A subscription is needed to access all its features, and its latest update makes it even more capable by integrating the newest advancements in AI technology.

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ChatSonic mobile app

ChatSonic is an AI chatbot unique for its ability to stay updated with current events by using Google’s knowledge graph. This feature sets it apart from other chatbots, providing users with the latest information on global happenings. It uses a mix of technologies, including ChatPGT, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, to offer more than just conversation. ChatSonic can create digital art from your descriptions, thanks to AI models like Stable Diffusion and DallE. It also accepts voice commands, making it easier to use without typing.

This chatbot remembers your past conversations, helping it give more accurate and relevant responses over time. You can even customize it with avatars, choosing a preferred personality for the chatbot to emulate. Despite its advanced features, ChatSonic aims to provide a simple and seamless chatting experience. It has been recognized for its innovation, especially in bringing timely information and creative visuals into chatbot interactions.

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ChatOn app

ChatOn is an AI chatbot app that uses the latest in AI technology, including the ChatGPT API and GPT-4 models, to help users with a variety of writing tasks. Whether you need help drafting emails, creating speeches, or coming up with creative content like lyrics and poems, ChatOn has got you covered. It’s not just for writing, though.

The app offers a range of features like converting text to images, summarizing PDFs, translating languages, and even assisting with math problems and coding. It also includes tools for improving your writing, like a grammar checker, and for making your workflow more efficient, such as an AI-powered keyboard that works across different apps. ChatOn also helps with creating resumes, cover letters, and professional emails quickly. It’s designed to be a comprehensive assistant for anyone looking to enhance their writing or streamline their daily tasks. With a subscription, users get unlimited access to all these features.

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