20 Cool Things You Won’t Believe Were Built Using CSS

Contrary to popular belief, CSS is not only used to provide basic style for a web page in order to make it look more attractive. There are plenty of other things that one can do with CSS as well. With the ability to create animations and interactions, CSS along with HTML and Javascript allow web developers the opportunity to play around and experiment with different methods.

It is as if the web browser is like an empty canvas that they can play around with. Featured here are just 18 examples of the cool and creative things that people have built using CSS. From original characters to interesting animations, there’s plenty to inspire you to mess around with CSS on your own.

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The Simpsons

Chris Pattle created the members of the Simpsons family using only CSS. He took each character’s face, broke it up into smaller shapes then pieced them back together. He even animated the eyes to breathe some life into the characters.


Minions With Pure CSS

If you can’t get over the Minion craze (courtesy of the ‘Despicable Me‘ movies), you’ll be going bananas for this. Amr Zakaria has created Minions using pure CSS. The Minions come complete with blinking eyes and a friendly wave.


Broken neon sign

This is an amazing example of text-shadow implementation to achieve the broken neon signage effect with CSS. Mouse over to see the lights on the letters ‘c’, ‘n’ and ‘i ‘dim slightly.

css neon

Mmm… Cheese

It’s a simple block of cheese, or is it? Hugo Giraduel created this 3D cheese block using CSS. I don’t know about you but it kind of looks like a certain household item too.


Single Element CSS character

Another one of Hugo Giraudel’s work. This time, he created an 8-bit character using only one element.

brick character

Long Cat

Resize your browser window and the cat’s body will stretch or compress accordingly with the browser window’s width. How far do you think you can stretch or squash the CSS-kitty?

long cat

Rolling coke Can

Here’s another fun one. When you scroll to the right, slowly, it looks as though you are spinning or rotating the Coke can. An awesome effect done purely with CSS.

coke bottle css


This calculator’s design is simple and clean but when combined with Javascript, it gives you a more fun and approachable way to take your calculations further.


Smooth iOS toogle

This toggle button made by Dan Eden was inspired by the iOS7 toogle. If you try it out for yourself, you’ll be able to see how similiar this is to the original iOS7 toogle button.

ios toogle


This is another adorable Minion done in the style of a drawing crafted from CSS.


Menu toogle SVG animation

Take a look at the animation’s demo and you will see the smooth transition of the menu shape into another shape.

menu toggle svg

Tesla Truck

Do you believe that this shiny Tesla truck is made of just a single div element? Not to mention that it also has great details with the lighting and the front light. Pretty impressive.

Tesla Truck on dark background

Snow at Night

An animated snow fall. Made with 200 hundreds div and CSS animation. It could be a perfect background for your website during the winter season or Christmas.

Snow at Night

CSS Playing Card

A playing card made entirely with just HTML and CSS even the details like the King’s shirt and the body.

King Card

CSS Heart Switch

A switch UI with a heart shape. You could possibly use it to make your website or app look mores unconventional.

Switch UI in heart shape with pink color

CSS Swinging Christmas Tree

What’s better than a Christmas tree? A swinging Christmas tree made fully with CSS animation. A perfect decoration for your website during Christmas.

Christmas tree swinging

CSS Camper

If you’re not a fan of the Tesla truck, what about this classic VW camper van?

Camper van with pink color

CSS Square Swirl

With Pug templates, SCSS, precission calculation we can make this square swirl.

Swirl in square shape

CSS Multiple Text Shadow

With just CSS we can now also add shadow to text. Not just one but several to make it more alive like below.

multiple text shadow

CSS Rolex

Also it’s not made entirely with HTML and CSS — the clock ticking hands are moved with JavaScript — this fancy Lorex watch detail is just fascinating. That’s make worth into this list.

Rolex watch