How to Fix ‘Disk Could Not Be Partitioned’ on Boot Camp Assistant

Getting an error message that says, “Your disk could not be partitioned” when trying to install Windows with Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac? If you try to partition it manually with Disk Utility, you might also receive a similar error message.

This error normally happens when you attempt to partition an old hard drive. Fret not, we’ve got a quick and easy way to overcome this error.

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First, you have to shut down your Mac. Then, turn it on and immediately hold down Command + S to enter Single User Mode. Now, type in the following code into the command prompt interface:

/sbin/fsck -fy

Then, press Enter on your keyboard. That command checks and repairs inconsistencies in file systems that might prevent you from partitioning your drive. Once that has been completed, type in this code:


Hit Enter and your Mac will restart as usual.

Now, try running Boot Camp Assistant again to install Windows. You should not receive the previous error and will be able to run the installation without any hiccup.