20 Beautiful Boarding Pass Designs 2018

When it comes to a boarding pass, its design is almost always an after-thought; beyond the piles of data, barcodes and the obligatory airline logo.

Although the information on the boarding pass is very important. However, this should not be an excuse to make them look so boring.

As these little travel documents can be a great branding opportunity as well, here are some beautiful and practical printed and digital boarding pass designs. Some of these concept designs are so beautiful, that you may want to make them a part of your travel collection. Let’s take a look.

Michael Grafenberger
Rafael Eifler
Jose Bautista
Lisa Fischer
Dan Tsonkov
iroslav Rajkovi
Tobia Crivellari
Yiwen Lu
Joey Banks
Alex Chernault
Aaron Cui
Victoria Tsukanova
Max Di Capua
Muawwaz Yoosuf
Kirill Tsyganyuk
Jordan Springstroh
Aurlien Salomon
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