10 Bluetooth-Tracking Devices To Keep Your Belongings Safe

The difference between misplacing your phone and your keys / wallets / remote control is that you can only call your phone and follow the ringtone to locate it. There are also apps that let you find your device if it is lost in a public place.

For the other items however, you’d probably need to clean your room or home to find them, or prepare a designated place to leave your essentials so you can find them easily before leaving the home. Alernatively, you can use Bluetooth to help you make sure you never lose any of your items again.

We’re going to show you 10 Bluetooth-tracking devices which you can use to keep your bare essentials close to you. They come in many shapes and sizes, made to fit in with your lifestyle rather than appear like a house arrest bracelet. Tag, clip or slot it into the item you want to keep safe and do your thing. Most comes with an iOS or Android app and some have a community of fellow users that can help you locate any missing items.

1. PROTAG Elite

PROTAG Elite is a sleek and slim credit card-sized Bluetooth tracking device which automatically alerts you whenever you are out of the specified safezone. You can set the distance settings easily via WiFi networks. Just slide this into your purse or wallet and be on your way. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology that can run on both iOS and Android platforms, and its USB-chargeable battery can last 18 months. [$59.99]


2. BluTracker

Here’s one in the size of a USB flash drive. You can attach BluTracker onto your child’s backpack, your bicycle, your pet’s collar or anything that you want to keep track of. By using the free BluTracker app, you can easily locate your device through a feature called Radar Screen. It shows you the distance between you and the BluTracker. It also has a motion detector that informs you if someone’s touching your belongings. The battery lasts for 2 months and a full charge takes just 1 hour. [$69.00]


3. StickNFind

StickNFind is a trackable coin-sized sticker that helps you track your belongings via a smartphone app. It lasts up to a year so you can drop it in your suitcase if you travel a lot. It also has a built-in speaker and tiny LED lights to help you locate it. When in a deep mess, you can activate the "lost sticker" feature which informs any user using StickNFind to help you locate your item. The location of the lost item will then be emailed to you. [$49.99]


4. PebbleBee

PebbleBee is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking tag. It sends alerts to your smartphone when it exceeds a certain distance from the phone. It is also able to relay temperature alerts and has a 9-axis motion tracker. It is small, but carries a battery that can last up to 3 years. PebbleBee is water-resistant and utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect to your iOS or Android phone. Its range goes as far as 150 ft, depending on the environment and interference. [$16.00-$40.00]


5. XY Find-It

Sync your XY to your smartphone and attach it to any of your items like your purse, tablet or even your luggage. As long you’re within its 150 ft range (not including physical interferences), you can detect the distance between your phone and the item you have XY attached to. If you lose an item, mark it as lost and the app will inform the XY community so they can help search for your lost tag. The battery life can last up to 6 months and the developer is working hard to improve it so it to last for a year. [$17-$35]

XY Find-It]

6. Bringrr & BringTags

Attach these small BringTags to any of your belongings to easily track it via its app. BringTags have inbuilt speakers to help you locate your missing item, in case you still can’t find it with the directions from the app. It also has the community support of fellow users that can help notify you if your item is near them. Also in the mix is a car charger, Bringrr which will help you check to see that all your tagged items are with you when you start your car engine. [$19-$109]

Bringrr & BringTags

7. Tile

Tile is an attachable tracking device that uses Bluetooth low energy to help track any item that you’ve paired Tile with. Tile’s Last Place Seen is a GPS location feature that allows you to recall its location easily for quick retrieval. It comes with an iOS Tile app, and you can also share your Tile with people that you trust. You can mark missing Tiles so fellow users can help you search for it. The device can last a year. [$19.95]


8. Find’Em Tracking

The Find’Em Tracking card is a handy and important card that can help locate your missing wallet. The app will alert you when you are too far from the pre-determined range of the card. Besides that, you can also put the card in any of your belongings (as long as it fits), so that your items can easily be tracked. It comes with a mobile app that has a hot and cold radar features to detect your Find’Em Tracking card. The card can be detected from as far as 150 ft away. [$24.99]

Find'Em Tracking

9. Linquet

Linquet alerts you if you have moved too far from your tagged item, via alarms. It can also tell you the distance between you and your Linquet, via its Android or iOS app. The app uses Cloud to keep a backup of your Linquet tag locations, in case you lose it. You can set the Linquet alarm profile for silent, short and long alarms depending on the time and your location. This way you can prevent it from going off at work, when you need to be away for a while. Even with daily use, Linquet battery can last up to 1 year. [$2.99/month]


10. Lupo

Lupo can be secured to almost anything important to you but is more than just an item finder. It’s powerful enough to keep you in touch with your items, lock your laptop, sound an alarm to prevent thieves from stealing your belongings and much more. The battery lasts on average a year (or more based on usage). It can also be used as a controller to snap photos, or as a mouse for a slide presentation. [$33.25-$173.17]


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