30 Beautiful Nature-Inspired Artworks

Every single day we hear bad news about damage done to our precious planet. The latest as this article is written would be the Gulf cost oil spill. Reports, news and statistics are showing us that wildlife is slowly disappearing from the faces of earth, oceans’ acidity is rising and pollution is in increasing globally at an alarming rate.

Without a doubt the finger should be pointed at us, humans as we are the only living creatures on this planet who is capable of selfishly destroying the balance of nature just to satisfy our need. We are the inventors but at the same time the demolisher. Even though our planet is a single self-correcting system it’s also a closed system; everything goes someplace, somewhere.

All life on planet earth exists to nourish, support and sustain each other. Below are some really cool nature-inspired artworks created by various talented artists. We hope our next generation doesn’t get to see them only in photos or illustration artworks.

Shortcut to brilliant | Adobe

shortcut to brilliant

Our beloved endeavor | Elbows Off The Table

our beloved endeavor

It’s a Jungle in there | iRictor

Time Square Jungle | Funnydoodle

Mother Nature is Crying | Thebadwolves

Global Warming | Creattica

Apple World | Blankenho

Mother Nature | Zonagirl

Audio Jungle WP | AudioJungle

Forest Girl | Kerembeyit

Total Floss | Colgate

Tree Frog | Todd1000

Ascendii Nature | Vezeta

Speaker | Auiojungle

Run Through the Jungle | Phatpuppy

Without nature, life isn’t Life | Environmental Project Olympiad

Earth day | Fmaz

Stay Green, Go Green | Mike Campau

Texture Nature | Severianofilho

Nature | Whitescale

From a Perfect Fairy Tale | Kire1987

Fleeing Creativity | Berthjan

Misconcept Nature | ArTG

Digital Jungle | Nachoyague

Leprechaun | Ringozo

Goddess Gaia Great Mother | Umina

Loading a Beautiful Life | Nkray

The Music nature | Jerico Santander

Nature of War | Fried Helm

Chill Island | Aaron Barnes

chill island

I’d like to end the article with a poem taught by a fellow high school teacher. The title is "Reverse Genesis: Uncreation". Hope you enjoy the poem as much as the artworks.

Reverse Genesis: Uncreation

In the beginning was the earth. And it was beautiful. And man lives upon the earth. And man said: “Let us build skyscrapers and expressways.” And man said: It is good.”

On the second day, man look upon the clear blue waters on the earth. And man said: “Let us dump our sewage and waste into the waters.” And man did. The waters became dark and murky. And man said: “It is good.”

On the third day, Man gazed at the forest of the earth And they were tall and green. And man said: “Let us cut the trees and build things for ourselves.” And man did. And the forest grew thin. And man said: “It is good.”

On the fourth day, Man saw animals leaping in the fields And praying in the sun. And man said: “Let us trap the animals for money And shoot them for sport.” And man did. And the animals became scarce. And man said: “It is good.”

On the fifth day, Man felt the cool breeze in his nostrils. And man said: ” Let us born our refuse and let the wind blow away the smoke and debris.” And man did. And the air became dense with smoke and carbon. And man said: “It is good.”

On the sixth day, Man saw many kind of people on earth And man feared and said: “Let us make bombs and missile sites in case misunderstanding arise.” And man did. And missile sites and bomb dumps Checkered the landscape. And man said: “It is good."

On the seventh day, man rested. And the earth was quite and deathly still. For man was no more. And it was good!

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