Beautiful Helvetica Inspired Artworks (Fanart, Posters, Wallpapers & Icons)

Geared with its simple and clean lines, Helvetica has become the favorites of designers from all around the world. When you walk into the streets and look around closely, you will come to realize that Helvetica is indeed used very widely. If you are in doubt, watch this trailer. How often do you see a movie being made for a typeface?

Perhaps Helvetica’s creators, Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, would have never imagined that their sans serif masterpiece could become one of the world’s design classics. Initially, they wanted to create a typeface that could be used for a variety of signage at that time. “Neue Hass Grotesk”, its original name, was eventually born. As its usage and popularity grew, the need to market the typeface internationally also grew. Hence, the Latin name for Swiss, Helvetica, was adopted to enhance its appeal. Read more here.

Today, Helvetica has evolved from a mere typeface into a visual culture. Many people would have known about the uncanny resemblance of Helvetica and Arial but few would have known the long controversy behind it. Here’s a gist of the story: Many claimed that Microsoft opted for Arial (which was created in 1982) over Helvetica as its standard font format because it was cheaper and most people would not tell the difference between both fonts. The debate still goes on, even up till today.

Characterized in a clear and easy-to-read fashion, it is no wonder that Helvetica can be easily manipulated or incorporated to create a wide array of artworks of different design styles and expressions yet from the same source of inspiration. So here is a little treat of Helvetica Inspired Artworks to satisfy the design appetites of many. If you are a fan of Helvetica, you are definitely gonna love this. If you aren’t a fan, you will probably be one after this post.

Fan art

The following artworks shows the dynamic use of the Helvetica font and the manipulation of delicate positioning and layout of typographical and graphical elements. Amazing that awesome yet varying designs can be derived from the same source of inspriration.

Contemporary art tells founding of Helvetica | goktugg

Helvetica meets in a cross | Reagan Mackrill

Bold Condensed Helvetica stands out | ECKO Design Group

Helveticas overlaps | Guilherme

Helvetica helpline | Fatmir Jusufi

A Swiss tribute | Matthias Werner

Interior design within Helvetica | Chris Labrooy

Deformed Helvetica | Muskelpiraten

Helvetica in wooden blocks | Kim Høltermand

3D Helvetica in thickness | McFossey

Paper Helvetica | Julien De Repentigny

Hand drawn illustration with Helvetica | or_livneh

Robotica | Jonathon Yule

Helvetica versus Arial in pictograms | Slimkiwi

Getting a piece of Helvetica | tym2kevinate

Water splash on Helvetica in slow motion | Leonardo Prause


Type Study | Newklear

Helvetica within the Symbols | Ryan Brownhill

Helvetica in primary colors | Zrastrowany

CMYK and Type | tasteofpain

Die Helvetica | Megavolkan

From Helvetica book | Redsil

Number reveals the years of Helvetica | MenosKeTiago

Helvetica engulfing girl | Haniadnan

Helvetica in the mix of alphabets | Snowroll

Explaining variations of Helvetica | Whitecoffeekaw

Helvetica overflow | Silocult

Holding up Helvetica | Emanuele Tortolone

Helvetica in four colors | 2canart

“a” Helvetica poster | tsuzu-nee

Numberic Helvetica | ssri


If you happen to be an avid fan of Helvetica, these wallpapers would definitely brighten up your day as you start you computer.

Inspired by Helvetica | Kevin Andersson

Helvetica within contrasting colors | Hamish

Simple Helvetica | KyleBolton

Simple tribute to Helvetica | CyrilBlack

Huge Helvetica | B-82

Helvetica family on purple pattern | Wido12

Minimalist design of Helvetica wallpaper | m4t7

Homage to Helvetica | YAWalias

Typography with Helvetica | Codenamecueball


These icons would serve as useful tools for your web design.

Moleskine Helvetica Icon -B | Bigkobe

Social networking icons | Brendon Grobler

Helvetwitca | Monika Halim

Helveticons | Goodbye Horses

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