Create Unique Illustrations with Avataaars – Free Sketch Library

Social networking sites have many common interface features. One example is the avatar photo you typically find on profiles.

It’s possible to design these from scratch but Sketch users can instead try

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This is a free avatar illustration generator which adds custom illustrations into your Sketch mockup. These can be resized without quality loss and they come with tons of variation.

The Avataaars toolbox actually lets you pick from dozens of custom features like hair style, facial accessories, and even facial expressions.

Avataaars homepage

As a design tool this one is pretty darn simple.

But its real benefit is saving time on long projects where the avatar style isn’t super important.

You can focus a lot more energy on different design features rather than worrying about how to design the avatar style. Literally a few clicks from dropdown menus and you’re good to go.

Have a look at their quick 45-second video if you wanna see how this works in action.

I’ll admit that custom avatars may not be all too difficult to create from scratch. But the same can be said for buttons, icons, color schemes, and everything else that designers still prefer to automate.

That’s one of the biggest benefits to the open source movement and it’s why Avataaars is such a cool plugin for UI/UX designers.