AudiOn Audio Recorder for iOS (Review)

iOS and iPadOS come with Voice Memos, a straightforward audio recording app. The app offers features like basic recording, trimming, and speed adjustments, so it pretty much does the job if you are a light user or use it occasionally. But if you are looking for an audio app that offers more features, well, check out AudiOn.

AudiOn audio recorder

This app goes a step further compared to Voice Memos. It not only covers the basic features of the latter, but it also offers better organization of your recordings, the ability to add background music, and more editing options. Additionally, AudiOn also lets you export in various file formats and access your recordings on a PC.

Read on to find out if this could be a potential replacement for you.

Download AudiOn for iOS

Before we delve into the details, here’s a brief comparison of what both apps can and cannot do.

Feature Voice Memo AudiOn
Search Recordings Yes Yes
Put Recordings in Folders Yes Yes
Rearrange Recordings No Yes
Edit Recording Speed Yes Yes
Skip Silence Yes Yes
Adjust Recording Speed Yes Yes
Add Background Music No Yes
Export in Other File Formats No Yes
Share to Mac Yes Yes
Share to PC/Windows No Yes

Record audio with AudiOn

Before you start recording, the AudiOn app will require access to your device’s microphone. Please tap “OK” when prompted to grant this access.

Microphone Access Prompt in AudiOn

To initiate a recording in AudiOn, tap the large red button. If you wish to pause or delete your recording, tap this button again. For ending the recording, use the stop button located on the right side.

Pause, Resume, and Stop Functions in AudiOn

Upon hitting stop, you will have the option to preview your recording. Here, you can choose to either save or discard your clip.

Preview, Save, or Discard Options in AudiOn

This screen also provides options to edit your recording. You can opt to edit immediately or save the recording for later editing.

Post-Editing Recordings

There are three main ways to enhance your recorded audio in AudiOn: adding background music, applying sound effects, or trimming unwanted parts of the audio.

AudiOn Editing Interface
Adding Background Music

AudiOn offers around 12 built-in background music tracks. Alternatively, you can use the “Import” tab in the top left corner to add your own music. AudiOn supports importing from Files, Photo Album, and Apple Music.

Built-in Background Music in AudiOn
Adding Sound Effects

In AudiOn’s effects section, you can enhance your recording with several options:

  • Equalizer: Adjust the overall tone of your audio with settings like Deep, Vocals, Natural, Clarity, Standard, and Loud, depending on your preference.
  • Equalizer Feature in AudiOn
  • Pitch: Change the pitch of your voice to make it higher or lower, adding variety or emphasis to your audio.
  • Pitch Adjustment in AudiOn
  • Speed: Speed up or slow down your recording for different effects or to enhance clarity in certain parts.
  • Speed Adjustment in AudiOn
  • Skip Silence: Automatically detects and removes silent moments in your audio, creating a more concise and engaging listening experience.
  • Skip Silence Feature in AudiOn
  • Remove Noise: This tool cleans up background noise in your recording, ensuring clearer and more professional audio output.
  • Noise Removal Tool in AudiOn

This concludes the overview of post-recording options available in AudiOn.

"Episodes" in AudiOn

The “Clips” tab in AudiOn displays all your audio recordings. For those with numerous clips, organizing them can become challenging. The “Episodes” feature is designed to help you sort and manage your clips efficiently.

Clips Tab in AudiOn

To organize your clips into episodes, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the “Episodes” tab.
  2. Tap the “+” button to create a new episode.
  3. Creating a New Episode in AudiOn
  4. Open the episode you’ve created, then tap “+Clips”.
  5. Adding Clips to an Episode in AudiOn
  6. Choose the clips you wish to include and tap “Add to Episode” at the bottom right of the screen.
  7. Selecting Clips to Add to Episode in AudiOn

Episodes in AudiOn offer flexibility; they help keep your clips organized but also allow you to rearrange them, add new recordings between existing clips, and insert interludes or sound effects.

To play all the audio clips in a specific episode, simply tap the play button located at the bottom left.

Playing and Managing Episodes in AudiOn

Export Recordings

In AudiOn’s “Episodes” tab, you can export your recordings. The app supports various file formats and sample rates for convenience:

  • File formats: M4A, CAF, FLAC, WAV, and TIFF.
  • Sample rates: 44.1 kHz, 22 kHz, 8 kHz, and 48 kHz.

To export your recording, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on “Export”.
  2. Ensure the file is in your desired format and sample rate.
  3. Select “Convert” to proceed.
  4. File Conversion in AudiOn

After conversion, you have a few options:

  • Share directly to your Mac via AirDrop (ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network).
  • Choose “Save” to store the file in your “Exported” tab for easy access.
  • Sharing and Saving Options in AudiOn
Download Recordings via Browser

You can also access your exported audio files on a PC or Mac via a web browser. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab in the app.
  2. Tap on “Wi-Fi File Sharing”.
  3. Enter the provided URL into your web browser.
  4. Wi-Fi File Sharing in AudiOn

And here’s how it looks like on the browser:

Accessing AudiOn Files via Browser

AudiOn’s Price

AudiOn offers all its features for free until you need to export recordings. To export, you must purchase the app or subscribe to a plan. The pricing is as follows:

  • Annual Subscription: $9.98 per year
  • Six-Month Subscription: $6.98 for six months
  • One-Time Purchase: $19.98 for perpetual access

Download AudiOn for iOS


AudiOn is more than a simple audio recording and editing tool. Besides its primary functions, it offers the ability to import clips from iCloud files, your photo album, or Apple Music, instead of recording new audio. This versatility makes AudiOn suitable for a wide range of audio projects.