Revolutionize Your Logo Design with Brandmark’s AI Technology

Not too long ago, I wrote about Fontjoy, a web tool developed by Jack Qiao that uses artificial intelligence in order to pair fonts. After developing the font pairing tool, it appears that Qiao has decided to continue to dabble with A.I. and design as he has come up with yet another A.I.-powered web design tool called Brandmark.

Where Fontjoy is used as a relatively simple font pairing tool, Brandmark aims a bit higher as it is an A.I.-powered logo creator. As the intro page showcases, this web tool is looking to provide those interested with logos of their own, complete with graphics, typography and the colors for it.

Using Brandmark itself is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is enter your company’s name (and tagline if there is one), provide the tool with keywords that describe your brand, and after a few moments, the tool will cough up a number of logo suggestions that correspond to the provided information.

logo suggestions

Logos are created by Brandmark can then be further tuned to the user’s liking. Some of the parameters that can be modified include the typography, the color, and the image of the logo.

changing typography
select font combi

Once the logos have been tweaked, you’ll be able to see the mockups of said logos on the website as well.

logo mockup 01
logo mockup 02

While there is no denying that Brandmark is a rather intriguing demonstration of what A.I. can do when it comes to design, there is no denying that the tech still has a rather long way to go before it can usurp human designers in this field.

In my personal opinion, the designs that are created by Brandmark feel too generic and a little boring. For now, designers do not have to worry about having their jobs being replaced by robots just yet, but that could potentially change in the future.

Nevertheless, there will be people who feel that the logo designed by Brandmark would be good enough for their current needs.

For those who just need a simple logo for their startup business or for whatever reason, you’ll be able to purchase the logos from Brandmark at the Checkout page.

For 55 USD, you’ll be able to purchase the logo in PNG as well as Vector formats. Higher tier purchases will net you other perks like a responsive website logo and even a designer that will assist you with building your brand.