10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Wear Smartwatches

Metrics and progress tracking go a long way to helping one try to stay fit and healthy. For those who opt to this with the help of an Android smartwatch, they have plenty of fitness apps to help them stay in shape. The apps help monitor body vitals, workouts, sleep, food intake and more. But which of those apps are suited fro your personal use?

In this post, we will be analyzing 10 fitness apps, all for Android Wear smartwatches, to see what each of them have to offer the gym enthusiast in you. We’ll be featuring each app’s best quality, the thing that separates it from the other in the list and how you can utilize them in the best way possible. Do let us know of your personal experience with any of this app, or share with us your favorites outside of this list.

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Google Fit

Best for: Tracking fitness data, syncing fitness data from other such apps

Google Fit, the fitness app from the Android proprietor Google, is a real time indicator for your workouts, runs, walks and rides. This app records your speed, route, race and elevation, sleep time, weight and nutrition, generate reports from the collected data, and even support data synchronization from numerous supported apps.

google fit

Google Fit routinely track your fitness data using your Android Wear device. You won’t need to bring your smartphone with you, as your smartwatch will track your data and later sync with the Google Fit on your phone. The data will show up in reports or be used to predict good routines. It supports pairing with various smartwatches from numerous manufacturers.


Best for: Collecting fitness data from multiple devices, connecting with friends for sharing fitness plans

FitHub is among leading fitness apps which work with Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Moves, and more Android Wear devices. This app automatically monitors your fitness routine and give you daily and weekly reports. The app also uses "Play Games" services to maintain achievements as well as a leaderboard, and allows you to gain "Games XP" for walking.


FitHub can sync multiple accounts into a single dataset and read data from official fitness apps. You can even access data from different fitness hardware providers, add friends with their email addresses, check friends’ updates and notifications, socialize with them and discuss their fitness plans – all on FitHub.

iFit Outside

Best for: Tracking accurate data using GPS-tracking feature, Posting fitness summary on social networks

iFit Outside comes with an in-built GPS tracker that automatically tracks your run accurately and efficiently. You can calculate your progress by tracking your run time, heart rate, speed, elevation and distance to track stats and make improvements.

ifit outside

Offered with an ad-free interface, iFit Outside can convert your outdoor workouts with indoor workouts on iFit-supported devices. You can manually log workouts and it auto-records your heart rate wirelessly using Bluetooth. You can even view advanced analytics for your fitness and workouts data, and post your workouts summary on Facebook and Twitter.


Best for: Audio training, Enhanced fitness tracking using GPS, Playing music directly while doing workouts

Runtastic uses GPS to track your walks and runs along with distance, duration, elevation, cycling, walking and jogging. It also calculates the calories you burned through workouts and assists in creating and reaching exercise targets. The app comes with an easy navigational interface, which lets you easily swipe through the options and reach functions quickly.


Runtastic includes loads of features such as audio coaching on your personal preferences, real-time workouts using maps and GPS, etc. The app uses advanced graphs and statistics on workouts, live mapping on training sessions and leaderboard to encourage to do better, every time. Moreover, it plays music using Google Play Music and Spotify, and lets you share activities on social media.


Best for: Tracking heart rate automatically, Tracking calories burnt

Cinch tracks your weight loss and fitness, and features an automated heart rate tracker for heart rate sensing devices. It uses motivational messages, reminders and regular progress reports on your daily activities to keep you on the right track.


Its integrated step tracker displays your history, and the advanced calorie tracker shows your burnt calories as well as illustrates how your exercises and steps make an impact on your body’s calorie level. The exercise tracker also works with other such applications like Runkeeper and Endomondo.

Under Armour Record

Best for: Tracking different workout sessions, Creating online community of health-conscious friends

Under Armour Record is a personalized fitness application, to easily track, analyze and share your fitness records. Considered as the world’s first social network for athletes and fitness experts, Under Armour Record allows building an online community with friends by playing workout challenges within the community.

under armour record

Under Armour Record features the most advanced features like logging workouts for gym, running, walking, yoga and fitness classes. It uses GPS to track your routes and map them to detect your ride. You can view your activity report for a day, week, month, or year and you can also compare data on various factors such as workout vs. sleep, step count vs. weight, etc.


Best for: Following 300+ bundled exercises, Synchronizing exercise data with other Android devices

Progression is a simple fitness program, which tracks lifted weights instantly after an exercise session. After you complete your workout, you’re navigated to the history page, which shows your previous reports as well as the latest one to give you an idea of your improvement in the current session.


Progression includes a number of in-built workout programs that you can. You can even backup and synchronize your exercise sessions and programs to other Android devices using its Dropbox integration. Progression also has a rest timer, which ensures you get enough rest after regular time intervals. The app comes with 300+ fun exercise modules that helps you exercise better.


Best for: Receiving reward cards for doing workouts, calculating calories burnt

Tempo-Motion tracks your fitness data to keep you motivated and running, and even rewards you with gift cards to appreciate your workout efforts. The app displays an overview status of your fitness so that you can easily find out which exercise or steps require improvement for better results. It also shows graphs and statistics so that you can efficiently compare all of your exercise sessions.

tempo motion

Tempo-Motion displays workout sessions for your every activity and the amount of calories you have burnt during those sessions. The reward cards you receive for your excellent workout sessions can be utilized for purchases including dinner at AppleBee, movie at AMC, and shopping at WholeFood.

Exercise Tracker

Best for: Maintaining manual workout logs, Setting times for the workout sessions

Exercise Tracker automatically tracks your activities, counts repetitions and logs of all your workouts alongside calculating calories burned by specific exercises. Even the manual "workout log and fitness journal" feature works perfectly without Android Wear and helps you maintain a diary of your workouts.

exercise tracker

Exercise Tracker also includes a stopwatch to set times for your workout sessions. The app consists of weight-lifting tracker, HIIT workout tracker, TRX training journal and cardio workout tracker. It can even work as your Crossfit log, bodybuilding log, and much more.

iCount Timer

Best for: Tracking times of workout sessions

iCount Timer works as a timer plus counter for all your workouts in a beautiful interface. The app includes a timer with different intervals and many rounds. It also counts repetitions for your workout session. There is a beautiful slider to track your numbers, and you can even save your favorite timers/counters as presets organized by activities.

icount timer

iCount Timer can be used in various exercises and includes a timer mode where you can use this app for HIIT training, Crossfit training, cycling, running, stretching, interval workouts and many more. The app works as a better alternative for simple timers, and tracks accurate timings for each workout.

Which is your favorite fitness app from the above list? Which Android smartwatch do you have or wish to buy? Don’t forget to share your answers or fitness story with us using the comments section.

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