Top 10 Best AI Video Generators in 2024

People everywhere can’t seem to get enough of video content, and chances are, you’ve been told you should be creating more of it.

The good news? There’s never been a better time to dive in. With the magic of AI video generators at your fingertips, crafting videos from mere text has become simpler than you could imagine. Forget the hassle of camera gear, actors, or even mastering complex editing software. This method isn’t just cost-effective and scalable; it’s your golden ticket to supercharging your content creation journey.

Check out our post on the 10 best AI video generators of 2024, and discover how they’re changing the game for creators everywhere.

Synthesia Ideal for creating personalized videos with AI avatars.
DeepBrain AI Perfect for lifelike virtual news anchors and presentations.
Runway ML Suited for creative professionals seeking advanced editing tools.
Lumen5 Best for converting text content into social media videos.
InVideo Great for users needing a wide variety of templates. Suitable for businesses wanting personalized video messaging.
Pictory Ideal for quickly turning articles into engaging videos.
Vidnami Suited for fast and easy video content creation. Perfect for marketers focusing on video content strategy.
Animoto Best for beginners in video production and editing.



Synthesia emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of AI video creation, offering unparalleled capabilities to craft videos with customizable AI avatars. This revolutionary platform supports over 60 languages and caters to a myriad of apps, from educational content and corporate training to personalized marketing messages.

Synthesia eliminates the need for traditional filming equipment or actors, making professional video production accessible to companies and creators who seek to captivate their audience with tailored and immersive video experiences.


  • High degree of customization for AI avatars.
  • Supports over 60 languages.
  • No need for filming equipment or actors.


  • Limited control over avatar movements.
  • May require creativity to fully utilize its potential.

Pricing: Starts at $30/month for basic plans, with options for custom pricing on enterprise solutions.

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DeepBrain AI

deepbrain AI

DeepBrain AI sets the benchmark for realism in virtual presenters, offering stunningly lifelike AI news anchors and characters. This technology is designed to revolutionize content delivery across media, corporate communication, and education sectors, providing a novel way to engage viewers.

With DeepBrain AI, organizations can produce news segments, virtual meetings, and educational materials featuring virtual personalities that closely mimic human nuances, offering a futuristic yet familiar viewing experience.


  • Extremely realistic AI avatars.
  • Suitable for various industries including media and education.
  • Easy integration into existing video workflows.


  • High cost for the most realistic avatars.
  • May not suit all types of video content.

Pricing: Custom pricing based on specific requirements and usage.

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Runway ML

runway ML

Runway ML stands as a beacon for creative professionals seeking to explore the boundaries of video art and production. This platform offers an extensive suite of AI-powered tools, including but not limited to automatic background removal, style transfer, and advanced editing capabilities.

Runway ML is tailored for those who wish to push creative limits, providing an intuitive interface that welcomes users of all skill levels to experiment and innovate in their video projects.


  • Wide array of creative tools.
  • Continuous addition of cutting-edge features.
  • Intuitive interface for creators of all skill levels.


  • Some features may have a learning curve.
  • Subscription cost can add up for premium tools.

Pricing: Free to start, with Pro plans beginning at $15/month.

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Lumen5 is dedicated to transforming text-based content into captivating social media videos with ease. This platform leverages AI to streamline the video creation process, making it possible for marketers and content creators to quickly produce videos that resonate with their audience.

Lumen5’s AI-driven design suggestions and extensive media library facilitate the creation of visually appealing videos, optimizing engagement on social media platforms.


  • AI-driven design suggestions.
  • Extensive media library.
  • Efficient conversion of articles to videos.


  • Some limitations in customization for free plans.
  • Videos may look similar without significant tweaks.

Pricing: Free plan available; premium plans start at $19/month.

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InVideo distinguishes itself with an impressive collection of over 5000 templates, providing a rich foundation for creating professional-quality videos across various genres. Whether for business promotions, personal stories, or educational content, InVideo’s intuitive platform and vast customization options empower users to bring their visions to life.

This tool is especially valued for its affordability and ease of use, making professional video production accessible to a wider audience.


  • Over 5000 templates available.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Some templates can feel generic.
  • Export times can be lengthy for higher resolutions.

Pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $15/month.

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rephrase AI is at the forefront of personalized video messaging, leveraging AI to create custom video messages that enhance brand communication and marketing strategies. It enables businesses to scale their outreach efforts, delivering personalized experiences to each customer through unique video content.’s innovative approach to video messaging opens new avenues for engagement, fostering a deeper connection between brands and their audiences.


  • Unique technology for personalized messages.
  • Scalable solution for businesses.
  • High engagement potential.


  • Requires clear input data for best results.
  • Higher cost for large-scale personalization.

Pricing: Custom pricing based on usage and requirements.




Pictory harnesses the power of AI to effortlessly convert written content into engaging video formats, streamlining the content repurposing process. Ideal for social media clips, informational videos, and content marketing, Pictory offers a quick and effective solution for transforming articles and text into dynamic visual stories.

With its focus on efficiency and simplicity, Pictory enables content creators and marketers to maximize the impact of their existing content with minimal effort.


  • Fast and efficient text-to-video conversion.
  • Voiceover and audio options enhance videos.
  • Simplifies content repurposing.


  • Limited creative control over automated processes.
  • Voiceovers may lack natural intonation variations.

Pricing: Plans start at $19/month.

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Vidnami Pro


Vidnami, known previously as Content Samurai, is celebrated for its ability to expedite the video creation process. This tool simplifies the transformation of text into compelling video content, complete with voiceovers and background music, making it a valuable asset for content creators facing tight deadlines.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Quick creation and rendering of videos.
  • Good variety of templates and customization options.


  • Closed in August 2021; functionality may be integrated into other services.
  • Limited advanced editing features.

Pricing: Was $47/month before closure. Current users should check for alternative solutions.

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wave-video is engineered to support marketers in their quest for video content excellence, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, editing, and sharing videos across various platforms.

Beyond production capabilities, offers built-in analytics and social sharing features, enabling users to measure performance and optimize their video marketing strategies. This platform is a one-stop solution for marketers aiming to captivate audiences and drive engagement through video content.


  • Comprehensive toolset for video marketing.
  • Built-in analytics and social sharing.
  • Large stock footage and template library.


  • Pricing can be higher for full feature access.
  • May be more than needed for casual users.

Pricing: Free plan available; business plans start at $30/month.




Animoto stands as a testament to the power of simplicity in video creation, offering an intuitive platform that enables beginners and seasoned creators alike to produce stunning videos.

This tool’s ease of use, combined with a diverse range of templates, allows for the quick creation of videos that tell compelling stories or promote products and services. Animoto’s commitment to making video production accessible to all underscores the democratizing potential of AI in creative expression.


  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Quick to produce simple, effective videos.
  • Variety of templates suitable for different themes.


  • Limited advanced editing options.
  • May not satisfy professional creators’ needs.

Pricing: Free plan available; professional plans start at $15/month.

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