50 Absolutely Beautiful and Creative Pixel Art

Pixel art, where images are created and edited at the pixel level, seems to be the trademark for old-school computer games rather than the sophisticated visual graphics of contemporary games.

Thanks to advanced technology, the simplicity of pixelated images that was prominent during the early days of computer technology may be irrelevant to most of us today where sharper graphics can be created.

Still, others may be jaded by all the complex graphics we take for granted today and instead adore the retro feel that pixel art brings.

For starters, pixel art are typically categorized into isometric and non-isometric type. Isometric pixel art is created in a near-isometric diametric projection (i.e. about 30 degrees angle from horizontal), as seen in some old games where they provide a 3D view of scenes.

Non-isometric pixel art refers to those that are not isometric, for example, views from top, side, front, bottom or perspective views. Don’t worry, we’ve separated these two categories to provide you with a better understanding of the two kinds of pixel art.

Here’s the collection of wonderful pixel art from all over the web. Enjoy!

Isometric Pixel Art:

Boxed Town 2 by Howling

The Ultimate Maze by Xluluhimex

Don’t Forget To Fix Your Polaroids by Pixellent

Medieval Castle by Docdoom

City Work by Pandaemas

Fast Pixel Food by Jujuqui

BASH City by Ajiebash

Coke Studios Moscow by Polyfonken

Coke Studios Goa

Coke Studios

Bugpixel by Bugpixel

Protomen 1

Reader’s Digest Art

Steampunk Factory

Beachside Marina

Reo Resort

Apoca SP – O Melhor de São Paulo 2010 by Marcus Penna

Pixel Candy City by MisaCharisma

Poster by Simon Page

Christmas Pixel Art

TechnoTron Inc. by Zoanoid

Trocaire Village by Kaiusdesign

Blogger’s City by Noyz Isobar

Pixeltown by Stridenoble

Butron Castle Pixel Art by Chocolerian

Gaumont District by Hellagood88

Coca-Cola by eBoy


Construction Site

Fortune 500



Yahoo Poster

Stop Cover

MSH Poster

Edge Pixel Poster by Edge-Online

Salford Uni Poster by Army of Trolls

In The Middle Of Nowhere by Fool

Orange by Orange Label

Large City by Love Pixel

Army T-026

Aircraft Carrier

Yard The Water-Mill by Zi

Non-Isometric Pixel Art:

Anita Blake Pixel Dolls by Nekomancer-Tei

Crocktown by Fool

Colossal Katamari by Snake

Depp Trilogy by Jaeden

Protomen 2 by Bug Pixel

Everyone by Simon Page

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