30+ Examples & Tutorials of Stunning Polar Panorama Photos

These interesting photos go by various namings –polar panorama, panorama and polar, little planet, planet panoramas, 360 degree panorama, etc but they all mean the same thing. It is created with a panorama photo under one of Photoshop’s Distort filter, Polar Coordinates.

They are not as hard to create as they looked. In this article, we attempt to show you how some of the nicest Polar Panorama photos we’ve found, together with Photoshop tutorials to that help you to create them. Full list after jump.

Merdeka Square

by riefa

Baroque Planet

by Simon The Fox

The Planet of Detroit

by firelog1970

The 99th Planet

by jeckham

Sydney Polar Panorama

by datazoid

Roudnice Railway Station

by miniplaneter

Sultan Ahmet Polar Panaroma

by Nikolof


by olliollio

Planet of Perth

by scotteek

Planet New York

by isaac-and-his-mind

Planet Mars Cyvilization

by hot360

Planet Kharkiv

by mudakisa

Paris s’éveille

by gadl

My Little World

by smileyno1

Minatomirai Bridge

by drachenman

Manhattan Skyline

by Athalfred

Lightning Ridge

by datazoid

Interact Globe

by Sarah Lee

Hamburg Rathausplatz Planet

by konderminator

Eglise Lumire

by clic me

Berlin Alex Polar Pano

by suckup

Eglise Notre-Dame

by jeromebg

How to create one?

These tutorials are created with Photoshop with your existing panorama photos. If Photoshop is not at your disposal, try usng GIMP

Create your very own planet Rames of Adobetuts gives you an idea how to create a polar panorama in 10 simple steps.

How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panorama Another great Photoshop tutorial by Photojojo.

More Examples

Flickr: Create Your Own Planets Flickr group with more than 2300 members sharing about 6000 polar panorama photos.

Flickr: Polar Panoramas – A smaller group but yet sharing some really stunning photos.

Compfight Search – Random search with CompFight Flickr Search

World’s best photo of panorama and polar