16 Free Premium WordPress Themes That Don’t Suck

Some refers premium themes as themes that have more quality in terms of design, or maybe layouts (magazine, grid, showcase, etc) that differs them from the majority free themes. It’s also fair to label them as themes that allows you to do more customization, or even displays content in a different formats. Most premium wordpress themes are paid themes, that means you’ll only get to see a demo unless you are ready pay for it.

However let’s not put an equation between premium wordpress themes and paid themes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against paid premium themes. It’s just that you should also be aware of some of the cool premium themes out there that are nicely done, and the best part – free. Here’s a showcase of 16 free wordpress premium themes that’s definitely worth a look. 3 themes upfront, full list after jump.

Overstand. Preview | Download

Jello Walla Mello. Preview | Download

The Morning After. Preview | Download

IndoMAGZ. Preview | Download

Forte. Preview | Download

CSS Gallery. Preview | Download

Mimbo Magazine. Preview | Download

5ThirtyOne. Preview | Download

WP-Premier. Preview | Download

Visionary. Preview | Download

Structure. Preview | Download

Options. Preview | Download

Brandford Magazine. Preview | Download

WP-Polaroid. Preview | Download

Massive News. Download

Zeke 1.0. Preview | Download

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