60+ Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Users

Maya tutorials for Intermediate Users

Modeling a Coca-Cola bottle

This tutorial shows you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle in Maya.

Creating Flash photography effect in Maya

This tutorial will instruct you on how to create a flash photography effect in Maya.

Realistic ear modeling

Create a realistic ear in Maya, for those with experience in polygon modeling.

Realistic eye modelign

This is a tutorial on how to model and apply shaders to create realistic eyes.

Creating reusable light rigs in Maya

Setup a basic light rig in Maya with this tutorial.

Modeling Kempston Pro Joystick

Learn how to model kempston pro joystick using polygons and NURBS in Maya.

Animating dancing ice cream bar

A highly detailed tutorial to help you learn how to make a dancing ice cream bar animation in Cinema 4D, and then compose it in After Effects.

Adding vase on table

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a vase on a table in Maya.

Create fire in Maya

Learn the process of creating fire effect from scratch using Maya particle system.

Create New York subway entrance in Maya

A detailed guide on how to model the low-poly mesh from reference, and then creating the high-poly source for the purpose of making normal maps.

Creating car rims

Create realistic chrome car rims in Mays through this step-by-step guide.


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