88 Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Users

Maya tutorials for Beginners – Part III

Making of: Photo-realistic USB cable

In this tutorial you will go through the process of modeling and rendering a Photo-realistic USB cable in Autodesk Maya.

Modeling a face in Maya

It’s a tutorial about learning how to model a basic face that can be used for cartoon or realistic drawing.

modeling a face
Modeling a knife in Maya

A quick guide on how to model a knife using Maya.

Understanding Parent/Child function in Maya

Teach your self how parent and child function works in Maya.

Editing Pivot points in Maya

A tutorial about editing pivot points in Maya.

Move and Rotate tools in Maya

This informative guide covers some useful tool settings to help you in the modeling process.

Understanding Lights in Maya

A detailed guide that explores Maya’s default light options.

Using Revolve in Maya

Learn how to use the revolve tool in Maya with this tutorial.

Using Extrude tool in Maya

A tutorial that covers in-depth guide on the extrude tool and all of its functions.

Modelling LCD Monitor in Maya

Learn about modelling LCD Monitor with this tutorial that teaches you about allot extrude, scale, move, and split polygon objects.

Building Polygon Arch in Maya

Learn how to make arches in a building with this interesting tutorial.

Creating Wine Glass in Maya

A useful tutorial on creating a wineglass using the curve tool.


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