20+ Free Web Browser Frame PSD Templates

If you have ever designed a simple website template in Photoshop for a client or presentation, you may find yourself in need of a quick but chic way to show a screenshot of your final masterpiece. As with first impressions sometimes a simple screenshot just won’t do. Why not create a web browser frame to frame a screenshot of your work? It may take a bit of time to build all that from scratch but you can also use ready-made web browser frame psd templates that can be found on the Web to make your life easier.

Preview Window

The following is a collectiong of 20 free high-quality web browser frame psd templates for the picking. All templates are layered PSD files; all principal elements are editable where possible which means you can change the colors, text or the shadows to suit your own style and help you nail that final look.


Simple Browser Chrome by Maykel Loomans [Download]

Simple Browser Chrome

Chrome UI Kit by Todd Hamilton [Download]

Chrome UI Kit

Dark Sexy Browser Chrome by Jeff Broderick [Download]

Dark Sexy Browser Chrome

Browser Chrome by Martin Sørensen [Download]

Browser Chrome

Browser Chrome by Chris Wallace [Download]

Browser Chrome

Browser Chrome by Rich Hemsley [Download]

Browser Chrome

Chrome freebie by Kerem Suer [Download]

Chrome Freebie

Minimal Browser Window Chrome by Benek Lisefski [Download]

Minimal Browser Window Chrome

960.gs + Chrome by Geof Crowl [Download]

960.gs + Chrome

More browser frame templates

Photoshop Browser Template by Inder Nagra [Download]

Photoshop Browser Template

Safari Browser Template by renegadesoldier [Download]

Safari Browser Template

7 Free Web Browser Frames by FreePSDFiles [Download]

Free Web Browser Frames

Web Browser PSD’s for Chrome 10, Firefox 4, IE 9 , Opera 11, Safari 5 by Rob Mayes [Download]

Web Browser PSD's for Chrome 10, Firefox 4, IE 9 , Opera 11, Safari 5

Browser by Season [Download]


Simple Browser Surround by Orman Clark [Download]

Simple Browser Surround

Browser Frame with Auto Reflection by Pixelentity [Download]

Browser Frame with Auto Reflection

Browser Form Elements PSD by Ram M [Download]

Browser Form Elements PSD

Simple Browser Window by Tom [Download]

Simple Browser Window

Mac Browser by Taha Hesham [Download]

Mac Browser

Clean and Elegant Browser by Joefrey Mahusay [Download]

Clean and Elegant Browser

Browser & Magnify by Liam McKay [Download]

Browser & Magnify

Mini Browser by Heath Gerlock [Download]

Mini Browser

Firefox Browser by Visual Creative [Download]

Firefox browser

Transparent Window Templates by BlazRobar [Download]

Transparent Window Templates

Editor’s note: This post is written by Nataly Birch for Hongkiat.com. Nataly is an Internet entrepreneur, amateur web designer and developer from Sevastopol. She runs a blog for web designers and developers. in her spare time, she reads, and play volleyball. You can find her on Twitter.