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9 Interactive Social Networks for Your Entertainment Needs

Whether you prefer a weekly movie night or to snuggle up with a good book, there are plenty of entertainment-based social networks out there that you can definitely belong to. Keep track of your favorite shows or music, your collection of books or trivia, and even get recommendations of new and upcoming entertainment choices. In this post, we'll feature entertainment and social apps to help you keep track of the latest movies and TV series, books, music, and a bit of everything.... Continue reading

Panoramic Photo Apps for Windows Phone – Best Of

Many people have abstained from adapting to groundbreaking technology due to lack of apps and games present in WP7 marketplace. This post is aimed to focus in enlisting some of the best Windows Phone apps to take Panoramic pictures. With panoramic capturing enabled apps, users can swiftly take panoramic pictures or elongated photos without the need of any special skills or equipment.... Continue reading