Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera Hands On

kodak zi6 pocket video camera


Weeks ago, Mike of JPMH drop by with a message, asking if I’m interested in trying out one of the latest gadgets they are helping to launch – Kodak Zi6. 4 days ago, I received it, experimented with it and overall I think it’s a great product. Mike says there’s really no obligation in writing a review, in the email he says:

Of course, you wouldn’t be obliged to talk about the device on your blog. We just hope you will love the camera and perhaps consider talking about it to your readers. It’s yours to keep. And, if you hate it you can always just give it away to a reader or flog it on eBay.

I totally respect that, and is satisfied with the camcorder so I’ve decided to share my review – a totally neutral perspective with no moolahs involved.

Who else are in the loop

JMPH outreach to a number of bloggers for this campaign, 35 blogs/bloggers including hongkiat.com to be exact. Among those whom I read are these followings: TechEBlog, Toxel, Ubergizmo, Kottke, Kineda, ArenaMagazine, Yanko Design, Sizlopedia, Smashing Magazine, Lifehacker, Engadgets, Gizmodo.

Kodak Zi6

In a nutshell, Zi6 is a pocket video camera the size of mobile phone with capability of recording stunning HD video quality. Recording comes in these following options: HD60, HD, VGA and camera photos. The video camera also comes with AV and HD port so you can hook it up to TV right after some recording session, or instantly retrieve to computer with the build in USB port. Softwares are also included to upload videos to YouTube on the fly. The video camera runs on 2 AA batteries, but Kodak got it covered with their re-chargeable batteries and charger included.

The above is an image of Kodak Zi6 un-boxed, respectively 2GB SD Card (thanks Mike for including that), Kodak Zi6 video camera, Kodak Mini Charger, 2 AA rechargable batteries, AV and HD wires. There’s also a canvas bag, which I have not included in the photo. More photos.

What’s Hot

Great Video Quality

The video quality is absolutely stunning. Can’t imagine a small video camera to produce such a high quality video. Here’s a video I randomly recorded with Kodak Zi6 on HD mode.

Video camera for dummies

Navigation and controls are easy. Zi6 uses a joystick navigation. Press once to record, second time to stop; left to play a video and right to stop. A gadget you can actually pickup within minutes, at least for me.

Sharing made easy

The USB port comes in pretty handy. After any recording, all I have to do is plug it into my mac and retrieving videos are really easy. There’s also a software allows video sharing on YouTube. I’ve not personally tested because it’s made for Windows only.

Small Thoughtful Ideas

Sometimes tiny ideas makes us like a product better. Here’s few I like on Zi6:

  • Supports external memory card – Not too big deal, but at least I know I can boost the memory to 32GB max.
  • Macro mode – Macro mode available just in case you are focusing on something real close.
  • Large LCD – The LCD screen on the front is fairly large.
  • Speakers – View recorded videos with audio supported.
  • Mirrors – The button to push for USB port is actually a tiny mirror. For those who takes photo and videos for yourselves (cam-whoring) you know how important is this.
  • Tripod supported – Tripod holes at the rear, allowing you to attached a tripod to the cam.

What’s Not


Not to say it has a badly shape, but I though it’d be better if it can be slimmer and smaller.

Lack of software

Kodak Zi6 comes with Windows applications for easily video sharing on YouTube. I think there should be something for Mac too.

I’ve conclude my review on the first paragraph. It’s a great product and it comes just in time because I’ll be in Bangkok 2 weeks from now. Last but not least, Kodak Zi6 is only selling at USD $180, click here to find out more.


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