Giveaway FAQ

Here at, we strive to give our readers the best articles related to tech, design and inspiration. We also do our best to reward our readers for their continuing support with great prizes and giveaways.

Over the years, we’ve had a few repeating questions thrown our way by many different parties. Here’s a compilation of those burning questions and their soothing answers.

Can’t find your question here? Feel free to get in contact with us.

How Often Do You Run A Giveaway?

That depends. We are always in the midst of discussing freebie giveaways with advertisers, site owners and individuals who are interested in running a giveaway on Once we think the product is interesting and the readers will like it, we’ll run it!

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How Do I Get Notified About New Giveaways?

Simple! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or check the site often. While we can’t tell you how often you should expect a giveaway or on which specific date to expect it, we fall back on our social media platforms to release these giveaways the moment they are up on the site.

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How Long Does A giveaway Run?

Giveaways usually run for one full week so our readers don’t miss out on it. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we run the giveaways longer, based on our discretion.

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How Do I Enter A Giveaway?

There are few ways to enter a giveaway, one of which is to Like our Facebook page. Tthe more ways you use, the higher your chances of winning.

Here’s how you can enter a giveaway on

Step 1: Login with Facebook or with your name and email address.

Step 2: Click the green “DO IT” button.

Step 3: Like our Facebook page, and click “I’m a Fan”

Find out how to earn more winning entries.

Editor’s note: If you’re already a fan, you’ll automatically earned a winning entry.

Disclaimer: RIght now, we are using rafflecopter to manage all our giveaways.

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How Are Winner(s) Picked?

We pick them at random.

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How Do I Increase My Odds Of Winning?

There are usually a few ways to enter a giveaway and each way carries a different weight in entries, for instance, by being a Facebook fan, you automatically get one entry.

You can unlock more ways to enter the giveaway. The more entries you have, the higher your odds are in winning.

Tweet about the Giveaway (3 entries)

Step 1: Click the “DO IT” button.

Step 2: Click the Tweet button. Sign in and Tweet.

Step 3: Paste the tweet URL, enter and click the “I Tweeted!” button.

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Will I Be Notified About The giveaway Result?

The winner(s) will be announced on the giveaway page after the giveaway expires and of course, we will also be announcing who the lucky winner is on Twitter. Be sure to follow us @hongkiat.

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How Long before You Announce The Winners?

We will draw our winner(s) from the pool right after the giveaway has ended. The Winner Announcement will be announced a few hours following the closing.

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What Prizes Do You Give Away? Are They Free?

The Prizes that we can give away are dependent on what and how much we can get out of our generous advertisers’ pockets ;-) We do our best to get more for you (where possible). And yes, if it’s a giveaway on, the prize has got to be free!

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Where Are These Prizes From?

It varies, sometimes they are from our advertisers, sometimes we do in-house giveaways. Be sure to stick to the site and stay tuned.

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How Do The Winner(s) Claim The Prizes?

If it’s a physical product, we (or our advertiser, sponsors) will ship it to you. If it’s something you can download online, we’ll mail the download link to you with instructions. Sometimes we may also provide you with the promotion code, so you can claim the prize whenever you feel like it.

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Can I Run A Giveaway On

Yes. If you have something that you’d like to bring to the attention of our readers, drop us an email: editor[at] or use this contact form.

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(Updated on: 20th Nov 2012)