25 Fun Christmas Apps for Your iPhone & iPad

Christmas merrymaking is just around the corner! What better way to usher in the festive spirit than to equip your iOS devices with Christmas apps themselves?

Sure, it’s highly unlikely that we need countdown apps to remind us when Christmas is, precisely, but it would be fun to countdown and anticipate for the much awaited holiday season, right?

From countdown to caroling apps, here are 25 random Christmas apps for your iOS devices:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang as they embark on an adventure to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Narrated by Peter Robbins, the original Charlie Brown’s voice, with soundtracks from the show, this interactive storybook with optimized illustrations and animation will bring warmth into your home this Christmas. [$6.99]

12 Days of Christmas

Have some singalong fun this Christmas with this app, record videso of you and your friends singing along to the rhythmic songs, and create your very own Christmas videos as you sing along. With beautiful illustrations and an array of soft colors, teach your children to count down from 12 as they ‘unwrap’ each gift. [$1.99]

101 Christmas Cake Ideas

If you’re in charge of the baking this merry season, but stuck on how to decorate your cakes to make it look more festive, then get ‘101 Christmas Cake Ideas’. Inside, you’ll find a handy reference guide to dozens of templates, patterns and decorations of what makes a cake Christmas-y! [Free]

A Christmas Carol

Be part of the classic Charles Dickens’ holiday story and witness Ebenezer Scrooge’s life and transformation through steampunk-styled animation. Pages upon pages of realistic graphics and carefully chosen music scores, this new rendition of an old is sure to bewilder readers. Uncover Easter eggs and learn a lesson or two about life. [$1.99]

A Royal Christmas

See familiar faces as three Disney princesses celebrate Christmas in three stories: Cinderella throws a party with some help from the Blue Fairy Godmother’s; Tiana meets an unexpected visitor when she hosts a yuletide celebration, and Ariel organizes a Christmas treasure hunt! Mini-games include jigsaw puzzles and Christmas tree-decorating. [$4.99]

Appy Christmas

Appy Christmas lets you talk to Santa, and listen as he will repeat what you just said in a comical, silly voice. A wooden signboard will help you count down the days and hours to Christmas. Play around with Santa: stroke him, poke him for different reactions and animations and watch him laugh, dance and even transform into a reindeer! [Free]

Arthur Christmas: Elf Run Premium

You have a mission this Christmas: as a Christmas elf, deliver gifts to children around the world before sunrise or you’re busted. It’s not just about climbing down chimneys; leap, dive, and crawl as quietly and quickly as you can without crashing into anything or waking up the children (feed the pets so they don’t make noises) or else you fail. [$1.99]

Christmas Activity Book HD

Get Christmas Activity Book for your children this Christmas. With many games like color-matching games, counting activities, Christmas tales, snowman-building, singalong and jigsaw puzzles, this app is sure to put you and your family in the mood for Christmas! [Free]

Christmas Advent Calendar

Get the Christmas Advent Calendar to be updated with a new free app every day as you count down to Christmas. You can also shake your iPhone to switch between different Christmas tunes. [Free]

Christmas Countdown

Love countdowns? This one counts down to the seconds like a boss. Choose to play any of the Christmas music available from the app, such as ‘Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies’, and choose from the different Christmas backgrounds for the app or pick one from your own photo library. [$0.99]


If you’re looking for an all-in-one app, then get Christmas!!. Packed with a countdown timer, advent calendar, gift list, Christmas jokes, songs, Christmas-themed wallpapers and games, this app has everything you need. Keep track on gift shopping, get new festive wallpapers and kill time with casual games like Whack It! on this all-in-one app. [Free]


Another all-in-one app which offers countdowns, Christmas wallpapers, Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles, Christmas emoticons and holiday ringtones! [Free]

Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes

Celebrate Christmas the Coca-Cola way by creating Christmas greetings wherever you are and wrapping them up in your customized snow globe. You can even design and choreograph your own funky Christmas dance to jiggle to the song. [Free]

Credit Union Christmas Pageant 2012

A Christmas app made exclusively to promote the Christmas Pageant event, you can read about the history of the celebrated event, the planned annual program, fun facts and more. If you’re not that keen on the event, then this app’s wish list would come in handy for when you go gift-shopping. [Free]

GlowTunes Christmas

GlowTunes Christmas lets you decorate your very own Christmas tree with colorful lights! Tap anywhere to place your lights, then play a dazzling lights show! Pick and play melodies which will evolve as you add or remove lights, with the various musical instruments (pan flute, anyone?). You can even opt for a snowfall effect to complement the Christmas tree. [Free]

Sleeps to Christmas Lite – Christmas Countdown

Have Santa or Mr. Snowman hold a countdown sign to let you know when Christmas is approaching. Enjoy Christmas tunes like ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’ in the background as you watch animated snow falling around the news-bearer. Also works as a Christmas jukebox as you can choose the music to flip through. [Free]

Tacky’s Christmas

Get Tacky’s Christmas, a digital book, for your children. Find out how penguins, Tacky, Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect celebration of the holiday is interrupted by penguin hunters! Now, it’s up to Tacky and his special Christmas present to save the day. [$3.99]

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Another digital storybook, this classic poem is animated in a playful and funny tone, where you can choose from three professional narrations, or record your own voice as you read the poem aloud. You’ll be surprised with some of the contents of the story. [$3.99]

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! – Dr. Seuss

With an immense hate for Who-ville’s holiday celebrations, the Grinch hatches a plot to steal all their presents and prevent Christmas. Read this classic heartwarming story by Dr Suess with digital interactivity included! Discover the true meaning of Christmas with the Grinch. [$4.99]

Christmas Tale HD

Meet Santa and his wife in his home in the North Pole this Christmas! Lend him a hand as he goes delivering gifts, hopes and happiness to children all over the world, and count down with his wife and fellow elves to Christmas. Don’t forget to make your own Christmas wish list! [Free]


iCaroler is a multiplayer Christmas caroling app which lets you and your children connect with other players to virtually sing together this Christmas! The app has many melodic holiday songs to sing to like ‘Silent Night’, ‘Carol of the Bells’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’, or you can let the professional acapella singers do it instead. [Free]

Yummy Christmas

Have fun cooking with your children this festive season! With these extremely easy recipes for children, the kids will surely get a new sense of cooking by preparing some simple dishes for a Christmas party. [Free]

Christmas Countdown: Deluxe Edition

Spot busy Santa running around to get things ready for the big day in this Christmas countdown app. This will be a fun one for the kids as they get an inside look of how busy Santa can really get during the Christmas period just to get their presents to them. [Free]

Where’s Santa?

Find out where Santa is anywhere in the world and what he is doing. A marker pinpoints his location, bearing a message describing what Santa is doing and where. With every location, Santa drops an anagram. See if you can solve it, from ‘Slider Puzzle’ to ‘Santa’s Reindeer Barn’. This app is also great to teach your children about the different world continents! [Free]

Letters to Santa Claus

If your kids have always wanted to write to Santa, try this app which lets you write to Santa and Santa will write you back! Tell him about how good you’ve been and what your wishlist looks like this year and Santa’s reply will appear an hour after he gets your letter. [Free]