Beautiful Black And White Photography Of Animals

Black & White Photography is one of the oldest forms of photography. For many decades, black and white photography ruled the scene even when colors were introduced. In the fine arts industry, monochrome prints have a propensity to command the highest prices. Many of us are still stunned by the purity and beauty of black and white photography.

There are a lot of similarities between animal photography and hunting. You have to sneak up on them; you got to have patience to capture the perfect moment. A stunning animal image can be priceless, timeless and compelling at the same time. Today we are going to show you some examples of the beauty of black and white photography through photographing various animals. Enjoy!

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25 Beautiful Animal Black & White Photos

Let’s take a look at some of the really beautiful photo shots of various animals in contrasting black and white.

Elephants MGD | younggalleryphoto

White Majesty | Spike83

Zebra, Tanzania | National Geographic

untitled | sd@blog of all

Crossing Lines | Lowonlands

Lowland Gorillas, Bronx Zoo | National Geographic

Black Bow | Bubblywums

8 Hippos on Mara River | younggalleryphoto

Sade, the Persian Leopard | Wendysalisbury

Silent friend | Wendysalisbury

untitled | Richard Conde

"Mucche cavalli aironi ecc…." | luporosso

Jamie with goats | Bodiver

Rattlesnake eye | iPhotograph

White Cat | Vishuddha

"I can has sunlight?" | Danimator

Pinguins’ scene | aGinger

"You lookin at me?" | Piotr M

Taureau tout seul | berend

Filly in black and white | Dirk Delbaere

Mei Lan & Lun | Cassie

Humpback Whales, Tahiti | National Geographic

"Don’t look at me , I’m not ready" | yves.lecoq

Untitled | vidyo

Lovers | habaneros