50 Beautiful and Professionally Looking Joomla Templates

Joomla is an award winning open source content management system (CMS) that allows you to build websites of different varieties like blogs, personal portfolio site, photo galleries, e-commerce sites, etc. Joomla is easy to customize and thanks to the Joomla community, there are plenty of beautiful templates to choose from so you can have a great looking Joomla powered website and online application.

This following post is dedicated to Joomla users and those who wish to start with Joomla. Here are some beautiful and professionally looking Joomla templates you should know.

Free Joomla Templates

City sky | Demo | Download

The template features 2 parameters that serve to change the background on the one hand and to insert one’s twitter URL on the other, the latter then being highlighted to direct the attention of your readers to your twitter account.

Guild Wars | Demo | Download

Perfect for your online games website, it is perfect for clan forum.

Disco Beat | Demo | Download

Help you distribute your site contents between 4 layout columns – a 2-column central area and two neighboring sidebars (left & right). The main area will be your main site contents holder, while the sidebars will allow you to set apart supporting classified information.

PJ Enchanted | Demo | Download

Available in both native Joomla 1.5 as well as Joomla 1.0.x versions.

Top Gear | Demo | Download

Organized in 4 columns, including a 2-column main area, surrounded by a left and a right sidebar. The top-speed JavaScript based main menu bar will allow for a real quick navigation to the internal pages of your car racing website.

JS Lunar Eclipse | Demo | Download

Easy navigation and plenty of space to make modular websites expand.

Forex Trading | Demo | Download

Dedicated to the foreign exchange market affairs and is targeted at banks or other official institutions operating that trade markets globally.

Violin1 | Demo | Download

JS Optimus | Demo | Download

Clean template that let’s your all important content speak for your site, and not get buried under a distracting template. Built to be SEO optimized and take subtle advantage of Joomla 1.5’s template override features.

Bikini Beach | Demo | Download

This template can be successfully used for various leisure time related websites – from professional travel agency portals promoting their hot offers online, through e-stores offering sunbathing accessories, to personal sites representing trip diaries.

World of Warcraft Flash Joomla Template | Demo | Download

One more perfect Joomla template for game website.

Contaminated | Demo | Download

Black based toxic green for the alternative people out there with breadcrumb supported.

Sabana Plazza | Demo | Download

Lightweight and fast loading (its filesize only about 50 Kb).

Diablo III FLASH | Demo | Download

This is the FLASH version of Diablo III templates for Joomla. This is a standard Joomla template. However, it includes a flash header with great effects.

The DailyPraise | Demo | Download

Makes creating news and magazine site easy.

Digital Systems | Demo | Download

Comes with many standard features and is very easy to integrate with any Joomla installation. It comes with a custom right menu and all module positions are fully collapsible.

Default | Demo | Download

Professional Joomla Templates

Delicious | Demo

Features a 3 column layout, plenty of module positions, a menu with built-in support for VirtueMart 1.1 and a native or blog styled date tag for articles.

Dark Rational | Demo

This template has enough features to satisfy your need for gadgets, but still lightweight enough to be fast and super good looking as well.

Espresso | Demo

Espresso comes packed with themes for some of the top components for Joomla!, including: My Blog, Jomsocial, JomComment, Kunena, Seyret, and exclusive Joomla! content overides.

JA Tube | Demo

Showcase Plazza | Demo

For those of you who want to make your own CSS gallery website.

Blog You | Demo

Gives you complete control over the template styles in our custom TI template manager, from preset styles to your own custom styles, template control has never been easier.

Bliss | Demo

Snappa | Demo

A little grunge and dirty look.

NewsPro Darkness | Demo

Perfect for online newsportals, magazines, blogs, fashion and entertainment sites.

You Tutorials | Demo

Advanced Joomla frontpage styling that takes off the standard Joomla template look and gives your more flexibility and uniqueness.

Sea of Glass | Demo

JA Quartz | Demo

SuperBlog | Demo

Incorporates two very powerful extensions, K2 and the Superblogger Plugin (both from JoomlaWorks).

Creative | Demo

Introduces new styling and layout concepts in the Joomla template world. Menus with shadows, blog date tags with multiple designs and collapsible module positions give this template maximum flexibility. You can enable the blog styled dates to make it work as a blog, the VirtueMart enabled menus to make it an e-commerce website, or keep it simple and use it as a presentation page.

Mediaplate | Demo

eShop Dark | Demo

JA Cooper | Demo

Meridian | Demo

Microblog Plazza | Demo

Microblog Plazza is completed with a TPStatus component, where a user in your website will have his/her own microblogging page in which he/she can write a status update and then receive comments from other users. It’s like a great mix of twitter and facebook.

Zappa | Demo

Make your website gleam with a fun and bright Web 2.0 style template.

JA Opal | Demo

Refraction | Demo

Refraction is a template to inspire and amaze. Utilising transparent overlays over professional and artistic background images produces staggering results, all matched with the perfect colour combination. Its easy to radically change the design with just an image and colour.

EcoLife | Demo

This ground breaking new template has been handcrafted to be Eco-Friendly, feature filled & graphically stunning. This template comes bundled with many extra features & extra stylings for some of the most popular Joomla! components.

Grunge!sta v2 | Demo

Created in antique elegance manner with a touch of Gothic style for those who want to stand out.

Viyo | Demo

Dub | Demo

Packed with Moo + Jquery effects and Modules, Dub offers some of the most advanced effects and scripts on the web. Dub offers multiple themes and 2 layout styles with a host of graphic elements and font colors.

Affinity | Demo

Released from RocketTheme and features extensive third party support for powerful and popular community products, such as JomSocial, K2 and phpBB3. The template’s core feature is Sortable Elements, which allows for the movement of modular rows, individual positions and stacks of modules.

Yougames | Demo

Scene | Demo

ElveSocial | Demo

Infuse | Demo

Infuse is an infusion of artistic flair and functionality. The theme boasts six, individual and unique, style variations, meticulously constructed to perfection. The theme is accompanied by 6 Style Variations, each with 3 different background options, culminating in a total of 18 possible combinations.

Crystal | Demo

Crystal offers lots of different color variations for menu items, allowing you to style every page in a different color.