Top 6 WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plugins

The password is the de-facto standard of security implementation in the computer world. However, they can be guessed, hacked, or intercepted which is a major drawback. To make up for those weaknesses, we have the two-factor authentication option.

Unlike passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA) is a two-step process that asks for two of three possible factors: things you are, things you have, and things you know, to prove your identity. Current implementations of two-factor authentication utilize the something you know (passwords) and something you have/possess (such as a mobile phone, email account, hardware token, etc.)

WordPress do offer two-factor authentication via free plugins, which offer various ways to two-factor, including OTP (one-time password) via SMS, phone call, OTP via email, QR code, authenticators, push notification, and hardware-based key makers such as Yubikey, SolidPass, etc.

Let’s have a look at the top six two-factor authentication plugins for WordPress that let you toughen up the login security and crackdown on brute-force attacks on your WordPress blog or website.

1. Two-Factor Authentication (by miniOrange)

Two-Factor Authentication by miniOrange is the most advanced two-factor WordPress plugin that you can use for free. It takes proactive measurements against possible problems and provides multiple backup solutions to help users in desperate times.

Using this plugin, admins as well as users can avail the two-factor login facility, configure their own two-factor login options, and can login to your WordPress using username-and-password-and-two-factor or username-and-two-factor.


  • Two-factor using SMS, OTP over email, soft roken, QR code, push notification
  • Support for miniOrange Authenticator as well as Google Authenticator
  • Shortcodes are available for customizing front-end login pages
  • Device identification avoids repeated prompts on the same device


  • No support for Phone call and Yubikey (hardware-based) authentication modes
  • No support for WordPress multi-sites

2. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication can be setup in few minutes without any technical difficulty. To use Duo, you just need to install this plugin and sign up for its service, and you can start logging in without a password.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication gives you total control over which user roles can opt for Duo’s two-factor authentication, and the other roles are set to stick to passwords only. It supports multiple methods of authentication for users such as one-tap and one-time passcodes using Duo’s mobile app, OTP via SMS, phone call, and OATH-compliant hardware token device such as Yubikey, SolidPass, etc.


  • Two-factor using one-tap, OTP via SMS and mobile app, phone call, OATH-compliant device
  • Two-factor supports SMS and phone call that’s readily available to most users
  • Supports multiple hardware-based token generators like Yubikey, FortiToken, SolidPass, etc.


  • No support for (popular) Google Authenticator
  • Two-factor don’t support QR Code for authentication
  • Doesn’t offer shortcodes to easily embed two-factor functionality on any page/widget
  • No support for WordPress Multi-sites

3. Two Factor Authentication

This plugin lets you enable 2FA on a per-user-role basis, can be switched on or off by each user, and shows two-factor on login page to enabled users only. It also allows front-end editing of settings via a shortcode and helps you display its settings without allowing users access to dashboard.

Two Factor Authentication plugin comes with support for WooCommerce login form and "Theme My Login" plugin that enables you to customize two-factor login pages for the users. Its premium version offers more features such as custom layouts, emergency backup codes, better admin control over users’ two-factor codes and login functionality, and more.


  • Two-factor using TOTP + HOTP protocol-enabled authenticators and QR Code
  • Support for Google Authenticator, Authy, and various others
  • Support for WordPress Multi-site installations


  • No support for SMS, phone call, OTP via email, and Yubikey
  • Bad choice if the user doesn’t own a smartphone
  • No shortcodes to embed two-factor on any page or widget
  • No support for hardware-based key generators like Yubikey, FortiToken, etc.

4. Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Clef Two-Factor Authentication is a unique two-factor authentication system that uses "Clef Wave" to verify the logging-in user’s identity. This plugin totally changes the way you log in to WordPress – no more usernames and passwords are required. Using this plugin, you only need your smartphone with Clef app installed, and logging in becomes as easy as holding up your phone.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication makes your WordPress highly-secure, and protects against password-related breaches. It replaces passwords with secure two-factor logins using proven RSA public-key cryptosystem. Its single sign on functionality lets you enjoy one-click sign ins to and sign outs from all websites. You can set to make Clef as the mandatory sign in method for all user roles for your WordPress site.


  • Two-factor using "Clef Wave"
  • Password disable option for users as well as APIs
  • Shortcodes are available to initiate Clef’s login at any page/widget
  • Support for WordPress Multi-sites


  • No support for (popular) Google Authenticator
  • Two-factor don’t support SMS, phone call, OTP via email, QR Code, and Yubikey
  • Bad choice if you or your users don’t possess smartphones

5. WP Simple Firewall

WP Simple Firewall offers a simple-to-use two-factor login authentication based on two authentication modes: Email-based and Yubikey-based. Its email-based authentication offers two methods (IP address and Cookie) that allows users to choose their preferred method to suit their requirements.

For example, one can opt for IP address-based verification if one’s IP address don’t change often and one want to create multiple WordPress login sessions from a single network location or from multiple browsers on the same computer.


  • Two-factor using OTP via Email and Yubikey
  • Support for two methods of Email-based authentication: IP address and Cookie
  • Offers various other security features to protect your WordPress


  • No support for (popular) Google Authenticator
  • Two-factor don’t support SMS, phone call, push notification, or QR Code
  • Packs in more security features than you actually need, if you’re looking for two-factor only

6. Rublon Account Security: Two-Factor Auth+

Rublon Account Security: Two-Factor Auth+ provides one-click download and activation process that lets you quickly set two-factor security on your WordPress blog or website. It comes for free for a single user, but requires you to opt for business edition to support multiple users.

Rublon Two-Factor Auth+ supports email and its smartphone app for verifying users logging in. Zero knowledge is required to incorporate or use its two-factor authentication functionality. Moreover, its email procedure is simpler than others – you don’t need to copy and paste OTP (one time password) from your inbox, you just need to click on a link in the received mail to confirm you’re the right account holder.


  • Two-factor using Email or Rublon’s app
  • Device identification prevents you from verifying your identity from the same device again
  • Remote log-out by removing a trusted device from the device list


  • Free for only one user per website
  • No support for (popular) Google Authenticator
  • Two-factor don’t support SMS, Phone call, Push Notification, or Hardware-based tokens
  • Shortcodes are not available to embed two-factor at any page or widget

Wrap Up

Whether you’re running a solitary blog, working with a team of editors and writers, or building WordPress-based blogs and sites for others, two-factor authentication will help protect your websites better.

My personal favorite is the Two-Factor Authentication plugin by miniOrange because of its range of features, but you might like another plugin better. Let us know which does and of any other superb rwo-factor authentication plugin out there for WordPress.