WordPress Monitoring and Tracking with Stream

WordPress comes with all the features that allows you to build a website, then operate it on your own. However, as your website and its business grow, you need to start hiring a team to work on expanding the website. Some of them will likely need access to the site’s back-end administration (WP-Admin).

It may eventually become hard to keep track of who does what, so you would probably need some tracking method or tool to monitor your team activities on the website. There are a number of WordPress plugins that offer solutions, but none does the job better, or makes it look nicer, than Stream.

Using Stream

Stream is a plugin that allows you to track (almost) every change that happens in your WordPress website. These include all the changes in the Post, Page, Themes, Plugins, and Custom Post Type area. Activities like Post/Page creation, updates, deletion, plugin/theme activation and deactivation will all be recorded.

Once you have it activated, a new side-menu called Stream is added. This is where the log resides.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the logged information is quite comprehensive. Even an invalid login attempt is logged. We can also sort the log items by the Author, the Connector – the area where the activity occurs, the Context – the thing in the connector/area that is affected by the activity, and the Actions.

Under the Settings page, you can set the time span to keep the log. You can also select the User Role – who gets to access the log.

Activity Feed

Stream allows us to access the log in Feed form. By using Feed, you can access and see the log with Feed reader applications such as Reeder or ReadKit, so you can keep up with your website acitvities quickly, and without having to login to your website.

To use this, ensure that you have enabled the Private Feed option under the Settings page. Then go to Your Profile, scroll down, and find the Feed URL with the private key.

Grab it, and add it into the Feed reader app of your preference.

Future Development

At the time of this writing, Stream is in very active development, which means there are a lot more features to look forward to in upcoming versions. These include Live Update that will probably allow us to see the record in real-time, WordPress Core Update monitoring, and support for WordPress Multisite.