5 Reasons Why WordPress Page Builders Rock

These days, a typical beautifully designed WordPress theme may no longer make the cut. Designers are demanding and expecting more from the themes they install. A theme must now be able to help them create additional pages or customize additional pages fast, easy, without hassle, and most important of all, without getting their hands dirty with the codes.

That’s why page builders are gradually gaining popularity and importance among web designers. Here are some of the key advantages of having page builders instead of creating your own custom pages:

1. Low learning curve: No coding knowledge required

If you are a designer who just don’t want to touch codes, there are two things you can do, not amounting to picking up coding lessons. First, you can design the website layout then get a web developer or a conversion service to get the coding done. The second option is to remove the need for codes altogether with a page builder.

no coding required

Fortunately, the latter is a less complicated, rather straightforward affair, with a low learning curve just about anyone can manage.

2. Cost effective: Optimal for clients on a budget

With the right tool, you can cut down on the fees required to convert design to code, as well as the time needed to produce a beautiful working layout for your clients. Used well, page builders are great productivity tools that are not only reliable and effective, but also helps keep the project budget under control.

budget contraint client

Good page builders also work with most existing themes, giving designers more options and at the same time, more control.

3. Easy to use: Drag-and-drop functionality

Drag and drop functionality is a real time saver in any page builder that employs this technique, which is why most of them do. It allows designers to create layouts in minutes, with proper design elements close at hand. In some cases, those design elements are already included in a page building package.

drag and drop

If you make a mistake while building a page using drag and drop, it can be corrected instantly, and you can quickly and easily cycle through the many options you have until you get the design you want.

4. Fast: Create websites rapidly

Page builders with predefined layouts and design elements enable a designer to build websites in a shorter timespan. The added templates not only enable you to get a project off to a rapid start, but also help you maintain momentum throughout your design effort.

build website rapidly

5. Versatile and feature-rich

A page builder that is both adaptable and versatile can help you design websites no matter how unique or complex you want the end results to be. Best of all, many of the features a modern website requires are built into the final product that comes out of a good page builder.

page builder features

Picking a good Page Builder

Not all page builders are created equal – some are more featur- rich and flexible than others. Visual Composer is one of the favorite core feature showcased by many WordPress themes out there. If you are looking to design a professional-looking WordPress-powered website easily, with just a few click, it is a page builder to consider.

visual composer

Visual Composer comes with a user friendly interface, integrated with easy to use drag and drop functions. Its more than 40 predefined layouts not only help cut down design time, but also works great for displaying pages, posts and even custom post types. And yet designers can forgo these layouts and use the Grid Builder to build their own grid element, or add further stylings with custom CSS.

grid composer
Media Grid and Masonry Media Grid for WordPress in Visual Composer

On top of that, it also works well with most of the WordPress theme out there. It also comes with a slew of other features, such as multisite support, compatibility with WooCommerce, mqTranslate and WPML, and can be further extended by third-party plugins.

To help designers build contemporary-looking websites with little fuss, it allows designers to easily add in parallax background sections, a video background and use image filters.

parallax and video background
Video & Parallax Backgrounds For Visual Composer

The final results produced with Visual Composer will be responsive and mobile-friendly, two must-haves in modern web design, and perhaps more importantly, reproducible: the pages created can be saved as a template and reused later; the same goes for any third party shortcodes and/or elements that may have been used with the page builder.

responsive layout

Visual Composer in WordPress Themes vs. Standalone version

Greatly adaptable, this tool has the features you need to get the job done. It’s priced at a one-time fee of $34, and can be used with any existing WordPress theme you can find out there.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that Visual Composer comes with some of the WordPress themes you’ve acquired at no extra costs. Well, when you get it as one of the features of a WordPress theme, you will not be receiving free, performance-enhancing updates or new functionalities that may come with each update. In fact, you might find some of its features disabled by the theme developer.

The standalone version license gives you the full experience – all the tools and features you need for building great-looking websites.

visual composer content element
Visual Composer with 40+ content elements

Visual Composer is one of the most complete, versatile, up-to-date and flexible page builder on the market today, which is why it is a favorite amongst theme developers and designers.

Reap all the benefits from Visual Composer with your own license, and get right down to to work with the page builder you deserve.