Tired of Working with WordPress Themes that Limit Your Creativity?

Sometimes, your client wants their project done really fast and this pressure may result in websites that aren’t really design award material. If you’re using some basic WordPress themes, you may have gotten used to their limitations and the fact that sometimes they are not tools that help you create those original, unique websites that you can be proud of.

Most WP themes may sound good, but they often limit your creativity. Even if you find one that seems well suited for your project, it can place you in a design straightjacket.

There is a solution. Uncode is an extraordinarily flexible WP theme that will help you create a website you can take pride in. Let’s take a look at what Uncode has to offer.

uncode wordpress theme

100+ Options in Posts Module – and No Presets

Uncode does something that few, if any of the other WP themes, allow you to do. It provides more than 100 available options, enabling you to finetune, down to the pixel level. The end result – you get exactly what you want, rather than something you have to accept as being "close enough".

These options can be mixed in any way you want. There are no presets, and you don’t have to worry about coding to get to the level of detail you are looking for.

Uncode is the design equivalent of a personal trainer. It’s your personal web developer. You make the design decisions, and your personal developer will transform those decisions into precisely what you want.

If your end product is to be a portfolio, and the theme you’ve selected is better suited for creating a blog, you’ll have your work cut out for you. The same is true if you attempt to build a shop from a theme that does not easily support e-commerce requirements.

You simply won’t encounter these types of problems with Uncode, since you won’t ever have to put up with troublesome restrictions.

uncode wordpress theme

The typical WordPress theme is based on a series of templates. While templates can serve a useful purpose, the time it can take to find the right one, is time that is not well spent, especially when you really have no need for one.

It is far better to spend your time doing something creative. Uncode’s special Grid System allows your creative juices to flow. Uncode’s Grid System is a responsive system, and it is also a fluid system. You can apply it to customize and scale up to 12 columns in either a full width or a boxed format.

For example, this Grid System provides:

  • A unique equal height with minimal Java Script
  • A vertical align capability
  • Custom paddings with advanced vertical rhythm, and more
uncode wordpress theme

As important as menus are, they are often treated as design afterthoughts with respect to appearance. Uncode offers 7 basic menu types, each one with lots of options. You can put to use any one of the modern patterns, colors and typography, to create knockout menus.

Plus, if you want to change the look of a menu on a page, or all over the website, it takes but a click to make changes to the color and typography. When clients and users start complimenting you on your menu designs, you will definitely feel like a professional professional.


The dreaded learning curve is not so "dreadful" after all if you make Uncode your design tool of choice. The dashboard is complex, but the Uncode team has put together a series of smart tutorials to guide you along your way and they also offer good support.

In short, you will discover, and be able to apply every trick in Uncode’s book.

Check out this easy explanation of the options Uncode gives you:

What Web Designers Have to Say

Here’s a small sampling of many satisfied users’ comments:

"I have purchased this theme because it is one of the most amazing themes I have seen and that I have worked with. The clean look and the choices of different layouts and design ideas was truly outstanding. The support was great and I look forward to working with these guys from here on out."

"Just amazing. If you need something really flexible and custom this is the theme. I have lot of other featured and popular themes from ThemeForest (Jupiter, Salient, Bridge), but even if every single one of them is fast, beautiful and simple, this one has become my favorite one in the amount of options. It takes a while to set it up but I think after it’s done it’s the fastest one because you can set character and color styles and some other modules to uses with a lot of flexibility across all the website."

uncode wordpress theme

"I own over 50 themes and have made countless WP websites. This theme is one of my favorites for the moment. It has clearly been made with a tremendous amount of attention to detail. It looks very modern and highly professional. We had a problem with the images not showing on the website and immediately 2 people of Undsgn were looking into it (even though it turned out the problem was with the server and not with the theme). Highly recommended."


Nearly 70% of users selected this theme because of its modern, innovative design. 80% selected it because it was something different, and something better. Here are some of the reasons behind their choice.

  • The most advanced masonry isotope – and carousel
  • The advantage of hierarchical theme options
  • Centralized colors and typography
  • Fewer modules – more flexibility
  • Built in headers
  • 1-click demo
  • The convenience of online documentation

So why should you consider Uncode? In summing up all the points we can firmly say: higher flexibility. Uncode’s many features enable you to create truly awesome results. You won’t be held back by layouts which, while appearing to offer just the right solutions, could actually place limitations on your creativity.

Get your copy and start creating those award winning websites you’ve been dreaming of!