Trump-Inspired Free Font: Tiny Hands

Earlier this year, a group of programming students created Trump Script, which is an attempt at satirizing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Today, Buzzfeed has decided to join in. Font Bureau graphic designer Mark Davis has come up with a free font that is inspired from The Donald’s handwriting.

The free-to-download font is based on a note that was published by Delicious Foods author James Hannaham, who satirizes Trump’s notes during the second debate.

This note has led to Ben King, deputy editor of BuzzFeed News, to begin Googling “Trump note debates” in an attempt to “research visual cues” in order to “help provide a visual identity for the story.”

After discovering the peculiar delivery in Trump’s handwriting, King decided that this needs to be turned into a font.

tiny hand donald trump

The font is aptly named Tiny Hands, presumably chosen thanks in part to a Spy magazine article that called Donald Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian” back in the 1980s.

If you’re looking for a font that would make your documents great again, you can download it right here.