Stream Region-Locked Content Anywhere With Media Hint

Let’s face it: region-locked content is really annoying. How many times have you wanted to watch something on the Internet but were stymied by regional restrictions? More often than you’d like, most probably. Well, this particular annoyance may soon be a thing of the past: say hello to Media Hint.

Media Hint is a free extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allows you to stream region-locked content anywhere in the world. No need to deal with VPNs or changing your DNS; Media Hint does all of that for you. It’s quick and easy to use and doesn’t seem to affect your streaming speed and quality too much. Interested? Read on.

Streaming Region-Locked Content

Media Hint is available as both a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension. Note that the Chrome extension isn’t available on the Google Chrome Webstore, so you’ll have to install the Chrome extension manually. It’s pretty easy; the instructions are all available on the website.

Let’s use BBC’s iPlayer as an example. Usually, if you try and watch any of the TV programs on iPlayer from outside of the UK, you’ll be told that BBC iPlayer TV programs are only accessible in the UK:

BBC iPlayer Unavailable

Once you have Media Hint installed, though, the message should no longer be there and the video should normally play as if you were in the UK.

BBC iPlayer Playing

BBC’s iPlayer isn’t the only service that Media Hint unblocks. It also works with Hulu. Here’s what you’d usually see if you tried to access Hulu from outside of the United States:

Hulu Blocked

With the Media Hint extension installed, that warning popup is a thing of the past and you can access videos without a problem:

Hulu Playing


Of course, these aren’t the only streaming media sites that Media Hint will unblock. The thing is, there’s no definitive list out there, so you’ll have to give Media Hint a try yourself to see if it works with the service(s) you have in mind.

Since it’s free and so easy to install, there’s really no reason to not try it out and see. One thing to bear in mind, though, is that Media Hint will not unblock sites if they have been blocked by your ISP or country.